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Rachayeta Singla is the Content Marketing Manager at Sigmoid, working on content marketing domains, inbound marketing and PR operations.

Rachayeta Singla
She works as Content Marketing Manager in Sigmoid.
3 Simple Ways to Increase Spend at your Ad Exchange

We know that sales processes in an Ad exchange can be pretty demanding. The day of a demand generation sales team at ad exchanges starts from bringing in revenue to brainstorming new ideas to increase their daily targets of incoming ad spends. Driving your ad spend does not necessarily have to be a difficult task. With a few easy techniques you can monitor your buyer patterns and pinpoint areas where you can leverage higher ad spend and increase your revenues.

Let’s take a look at the below three techniques that you can follow with a simple real time ad analytics tool and increase spends at your exchange massively.

Monitoring Buyer trends

Buyer demand gen teams can use analytics dashboard to identify the increasing and decreasing spend patterns and see where major increase and decrease took place between two certain time periods. You can easily identify which DSPs are spending more and which ones are cutting down on spend this week as compared to the previous week.

Ad Exchange dashboard

Fig 1.0: The above image shows the weekly comparison of data on SigVIEW Dashboard

Inventory Merchandising

Before Programmatic Advertising came into picture, Ad exchanges would communicate their available inventory with buyers via complicated spreadsheets. But thanks to the easy collaboration and sharing feature in SigView, ad exchanges can now share complete or partial dashboards with bidders so they can check the availability of inventory in real time and other related metrics such as price and past performance of that inventory over time to help them plan their campaigns better.

Let us say, a buyer wished to enquire about inventory available for Iphones for 300×250 ad size in United States. They can just click on these three dimensions and easily see the performance of such an inventory, the increase in the number of auctions over the previous week, the average win bid price for that inventory, the bid depth, etc.

Ad Exchange data filtered

Fig 1.1: The above image shows all data filtered for the selected Country, Ad Size and Device Model

If the buyer wishes to target only particular ad domains with higher conversion rates, you can share the domain list with the buyer to help them plan their campaigns more effectively. Thereby, generating a good working relationship with the buyer and better business.

For a more detailed use case click here.

Identifying PMP deals

Another thing that ad exchange demand gen teams should keep a check on is the Blocked Advertisers list for various Publishers. You can check which Advertiser has the highest Blocked bids over the last week and maximum blocks were by which publisher. You can check if the advertiser has been blocked by that particular publisher, it is possible that the publisher may have a direct deal with that advertiser, but it is better to investigate it further.

Let us say, the advertiser KewaLC was blocked 15 Million times over the last week by 10475 Publisher. The average win bid price of that publisher is $3, which is a major opportunity. So you should reach out to the publisher and see if they would be willing to remove the block. If not, they could create a PMP deal instead. This would help increase the spend at your exchange vastly.

With numerous use cases and creative solutions ready to be implemented, SigView can help answer all your ad hoc questions, much like this one. The SigView dashboard can help in solving use cases around external reporting, price discovery and campaign optimization for some of the leading ad tech players in the Programmatic Industry. Experience more freedom to explore among various interesting tips and techniques that you could adopt from to boost business at your Ad exchange. Stay tuned for more such insights at Sigmoid, or reach out to us for a quick demo today!

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