Sujoyee Chatterjee Sujoyee Chatterjee
Sujoyee was the marketing specialist for Sigmoid. She specializes in Digital marketing, PR operations & content marketing domains.
Sujoyee Chatterjee
She worked as marketing specialist for Sigmoid.
Advanced Tutorials on Analytics for Programmatic Ad Campaign

The wave of Programmatic Ad campaigns sweeps over the advertising industry, giving rise to a new era of coded creativity measured by algorithms to derive targeted outcomes.

In our last series, we discussed several scenarios where an ad-exchange can help you with identifying better prospects of making the most out of a bid. In this tutorial we’ll discuss various advanced scenarios where you can optimize the performance of your campaign to its maximum.

With examples from our interactive exploratory dashboard – we’ll give you insights on how to create a bidder profile, how to identify inventories and how to hike up your performance for your publisher.

With this further knowledge about these cases,you can maximize the potential of your campaign & reach its peak performance. You can learn about measuring creative performance, optimising your supply channels, maximizing on KPI & other performance metric related topics.

Below is the sequence of advanced series, which we’ll be covering in the next few weeks. You can either mark your calendar, or subscribe to our list to have the post delivered in your inbox.

Timeline :

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