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Rachayeta Singla is the Content Marketing Manager at Sigmoid, working on content marketing domains, inbound marketing and PR operations.
Rachayeta Singla
She works as Content Marketing Manager in Sigmoid.
Analytical Techniques to Maximize your Ad Conversion Rates

Everything from strategizing to creating and executing an ad campaign is a strategic game. From choosing the right keywords to targeting the right audience and delivering the right content, every advertiser tries to deliver their message to the right audience as best as they can. But the buck doesn’t stop there. A lot of advertisers, however, try and go beyond a successful ad campaign to get larger conversions from their advertisements.

Maximizing your ad conversions is purely a numbers game. It involves closely monitoring a lot of metrics from ad spend to bid price and keeping an eye on the site performance where you are bidding for ad spots. A lot of advertisers rely on analysts to try to figure out which publishers they are bidding on, where they are getting maximum impressions and conversions. Based on this research they try to selectively bid for these publishers to reach their target segment more effectively and get higher conversions out of their campaigns.

As an ad exchange, you are privy to more such analytical information about your advertisers and publishers. By using an effective ad analytics tool such as SigView, you can help advertisers maximize their conversions by bidding for the Publisher that gets them maximum conversions. Let us understand how you can do that via the following small exercise.

Let us assume you have an advertiser that wants to target females in the 20-30 years age group, and you have to identify which publishers they should bid for to get maximum returns.

Step 1: Select the User Gender and Age Group for whom you wish to optimize conversions.

You can select Female User Gender and the age group 20-30 years to drill down the data for the required target segment and all data gets filtered accordingly.


Fig 1.0: In the above image you can see all data filtered for Female Gender and 20-30 age group.

Step 2: Check the publisher that gets most auctions for the filtered data.


Fig 1.1: In the above image, you can see the auction data for all publishers.

As you can see the publisher 1817 has the highest number of auctions 3.97 M. So Select this publisher and go to the next step.

Step 3: Check the price Floor Bucket for the selected Publisher and compare it with the win bid price of the advertiser.


Fig 1.2: In the above image you can see the advertiser data and price floor bucket data for the selected publisher.

As you can see the win bid price of the advertiser whose conversions you wish to optimize is 11.6, which is much higher than the price floor bucket of the selected publisher 3.00-3.25, you can divert the advertiser’s traffic to pinger.com and optimize the ad campaigns’ performance.

This will not only help boost the ad conversions but also the publisher revenues, thereby creating a win-win for all parties involved.

Stay tuned for more such insights to help with your programmatic advertising adventure. Sign up for a free demo of SigView Now!

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