A Guide To Effective Marketing Analytics

Whitepaper - Marketing analytics

Maximizing Marketing ROI with Data-driven Insights

Over the past few years, marketing analytics has evolved as an integral part of enterprise marketing efforts. Companies have been using it to drive value across their marketing initiatives — from optimizing email marketing campaigns to mapping customer journeys across digital touchpoints. However, a Gartner survey revealed that only 54% of marketing decisions were based on marketing analytics. Poor quality data, unclear recommendations, and lack of actionable results are some of the challenges cited by the marketing leaders. This whitepaper covers how CMOs can design an effective marketing analytics strategy to maximize ROMI.

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How marketing analytics empowers marketers
What are the challenges in marketing analytics
Best practices while implementing marketing analytics
Marketing analytics success stories for CPG companies

How Marketing Analytics Empowers Marketers?

Here are some of the ways through which marketing analytics are empowering marketers today

 2 Case Studies Inside This Whitepaper

How a CPG Brand optimized marketing spend to achieve:

  • 25% improvement in ROAS
  • 10% cost saving in campaign spend

How a Pet Food Brand used MTA and MMM to enable:

  • 15% lift in new user conversion
  • Automate the report generation completely
Whitepaper - Marketing analytics

Download this whitepaper to learn how to leverage a data & analytics centric approach to improve the ROI on marketing investments.