Aakash Raghavendra Pratap Singh
Raghavendra is the Assistant Marketing Manager at Sigmoid. He specializes in content marketing domains, digital and social media marketing.

Raghavendra Singh
He is the Assistant Marketing Manager at Sigmoid.
Enhance DFP reporting through Interactive Dashboards

Build quick interactive dashboards on your existing data sets and DFP campaigns through Sigmoid’s Real Time Analytics Solutions!

Sigmoid is a specialized company in Big Data Analytics. Our offering, SigView, is a fully managed interactive analytics platform which can ingest, store and analyze all your data in real-time. This helps you extract actionable insights from your big data. By providing these insights to DFP connection, a specific group of publishers can be targeted by advertisers, overall increasing traffic workflow from your ad-supported channels.

In today’s world, through programmatic advertising and RTB, we are pushed in a new digital era fueled by data. People who are looking for freedom to use multiple ad networks, like Google AdSense which is inherited with the capability to upload your own ads into the system. For these people, the best answer is DFP, which is completely free if you serve fewer than 90 million impressions per month, where all server maintenance is handled by Google.


Fig: Using our interactive analytics platform, SigView, over DFP.

Our interactive analytical platform, SigView, provides real-time data ingestion and faster access to actionable insights on business-critical questions. We help you add custom metrics and dimensions to easily integrate with the DFP campaign data. The embedded SigView APIs and Chart APIs offer additional flexibility on reporting features across a wide range of marketing campaigns.

Using SigView on top of DFP campaign data help publishers get a better understanding of their digital revenue, reader segments and yield. By putting the DFP data together with the data from bidders, they can identify better performing segments and revenue making opportunities. Since the data is available in real time, they can also identify integration issues and take corrective action to plug their losses.

Our platform delivers a seamless data integration across various channels and campaigns to present a unified reporting platform. You can analyze billions of events in mere seconds and paint the dashboard with relevant customized metrics. Our embedded analytics solution helps you provide a superior customer experience, strengthen the positioning of new products and open a whole new world of business opportunities.

In addition to DFP, Sigmoid offers easy and flexible ways to embed visual analytics as a part of any application. We provide product owners the flexibility and extensibility of providing custom analytics as a part of their product, without the hassle of owning and managing the big data stack.

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