Lokesh Anand Lokesh Anand
Lokesh is the cofounder and CEO of Sigmoid. He has a vast experience across technology & FMCG domains in project management & operations.
Lokesh Anand
He is the cofounder and CEO of Sigmoid.
How Real-Time Analytics Help You Hack The Ad Publishing Game

While direct, fixed CPM advertising buys dominated the initial years of online advertising, there isn’t any doubt that Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is the wave of the future.

When RTB exploded onto the scene, we saw scores of analytics softwares aimed at media buyers, helping them create beautifully optimized campaigns that deliver concrete results. The other half of the RTB advertising formula, however, hadn’t really seen much by way of information processing software. Over the past couple of years, that scenario has significantly changed. A slew of real-time data reporting and management programs have hit the market, bringing new balance to the world of RTB. Let’s take a look at what publishers really stand to gain from these incredibly useful tools.

Data Is Now Much More Accessible:

Today we have softwares like Sigview that allow even small-time publishers to step into a world previously populated by big-budget brands and agencies. These programs allow you to track fill rates, Click Through Rates (CTR), revenue streams, ad placement, bidding trends and a host of other metrics across the board. And you can do it all in real-time, at minimal cost.


You Can Expect Instantaneous Reaction Times: 

Real-time data allows you to respond quickly and efficiently to changing market conditions, basing your decisions on current data instead of having to rely entirely on historical trends and business acumen. This way, you’ll always see a new trend emerging and can shift your stance to better embrace it.

Additionally, many real-time data interfaces have visualizations, charts and heat maps that make it that much easier to quickly assimilate information.

A New Level Of Split Testing:

Having a real-time analytics interface means you won’t have to wait days for one of your split-testing experiments to churn out viable data. Instead, you’ll see your tweaks delivering results almost immediately. This means you’ll have actionable information every hour, every day. Real-time data also allows you to run multiple split testing experiments over the course of a week (or even a day, depending on your visitor volumes), rapidly improving your rate of optimization.

rapidly improving your rate
Big Data And The Big Picture:

Too often, we miss the forest for the trees, and focus on thousands of tiny changes in the hope of maximizing revenue one tidbit at a time. This is largely because in a traditional system you’re often buried under heaps of data that take ages (and manpower) to sort and process. There are few things that are more useful than being able to acquire a broad-view of various current trends at the click of a button. In turn, this allows you to develop more targeted content and better streamline everything from ad sizes and placement to floor prices and device compatibility.

With the right resources and decision-making structure, real-time analytics allow you to fine-tune your network of advertising platforms on a minute-by-minute basis. And that’s precisely the sort of functionality that frees up the time and resources that you need to create an ever-expanding publishing base.

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