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Rachayeta Singla is the Content Marketing Manager at Sigmoid, working on content marketing domains, inbound marketing and PR operations.
Rachayeta Singla
She works as Content Marketing Manager in Sigmoid.
How to Boost Publisher’s Revenues?

In the age of social media, internet usage is reaching an all time high. An average consumer spends approximately 2 to 3 hours on the internet today, which gives advertisers a huge number of opportunities to reach out to their customer through well established and targeted publishers and media companies that attract the desired public to their websites.

Publishers help advertisers bridge the gap between them and their customers by providing
a. Platform to share their brand messaging
b. Higher reach and exposure to their client base
c. Key insights into publisher’s audience and their behavioral patterns

In lieu of these services, publishers get a part of these advertisers’ ad spend budgets in the form of display ad revenues. With rising competition and increasing ad spend budgets, publishers are against all odds to establish a steady stream of revenue and boost their profits by adopting various cutting edge tools and tricks such as dabbling in programmatic ad sales and resetting their digital strategies among other tried and tested ways (read improved traffic and rich seo optimized targeted content) to get ahead of their own competition.

As the market evolves, a lot of publishers or supply side platforms are opting to analyze their programmatic ad sales via efficient analytical tools such as SigView to identify any loopholes or bottlenecks in their strategy and come up with solutions to boost their revenues. Let us take a look at one such example below, where a Supply Side Platform is trying to identify how they can increase a publisher’s returns by analyzing their price floor bucket and average bid price metrics.

Step 1: Select the Publisher name whose revenue is low or has decreased over the last days

The Publisher selected here is 9767


Fig 1.0: In the above image you can see all data for selected publisher 9767 for 29th – 30th November compared with the previous 2 days.

Step 2: Check which app/site domains fall under that publisher and select the domain which has experienced the maximum loss in Publisher revenue over the given time period.

The domain selected here is truyenfull.vn


Fig 1.1: In the above image you can see all data filtered for selected domain and publisher

Step 3: Let us now examine the price floor buckets and average bid price from the selected data by expanding the Price Floor Bucket Dimension Table


Fig 1.2: In the above image you can see the price floor buckets for the selected publisher and domain and the average bid price for those buckets

As you can see the average bid price for 2.75-3.0 bucket is 2.63, which is lower than the suggested range, you can ask your publisher to lower their floor price so more bids can qualify for win and thereby increase your Publisher’s revenue.

Such information can help Publishers boost their display ad revenues and profits to maximize their returns with minor changes in their digital ad sales strategy.

Similarly, we have hundreds of tips and tricks to help you manage your programmatic ad campaigns better. Sign up for a free demo to learn more.

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