Raghav Raghavendra Pratap Singh
Raghavendra is the Assistant Marketing Manager at Sigmoid. He specializes in content marketing domains, digital and social media marketing.
Raghavendra Singh
He is the Assistant Marketing Manager at Sigmoid.
How to connect more with your Retail Customers?

In today’s world of data-centric products and services, success metric for organizations has shifted to the alignment of the services with customer’s behavior and pattern. The more you know and understand your customer and provide service according to his needs especially “what he really wants”, makes him closer to conversion. Today, consumers are not just connected, they are becoming more and more hyperconnected.

While consumer in any industry doesn’t have any fixed expectations, preferences or requirements, but there is one thing every consumer expects, that is a personalized experience or approach that is tailored to his needs. Whether it is a social media post, other media content such as infographics, articles, blogs, and whitepaper, videos, placing an online ad or rather simple such as sending out an email campaign, there is one thing certain that it should speak for itself and also with each of your consumers on an individual personalized level.

So creating content keeping in mind about each individual takes a lot of time and effort. But all these efforts are relevant and necessary because of personalized and highly customized messages/ content yield a much higher ROI and user engagement.

According to reports, an increase of 20% was noticed in sales from personalized experience and email campaigns that are customized according to the user are 26% more likely to be opened. 26%, yes that’s right, 26% increase in open rates which could translate to more leads.

Creating a highly personalized experience for a customer means creating a compelling and relevant content and experience that stays with the customer throughout his journey. In short, immerse your customer in a wonderful experience. For example, A guy wants to buy a house by a beach. Show him the video of the house and its beautiful view, if he has a kid, show him where he can have a kids room, place for them to play and enjoy, place for barbeque and him to enjoy a beer in a sunset followed by a discount and recommendations for nearby places. See, by the above example, the more you cater to his preference more are the chances for the conversion.

Technology-based personalization is heavily integrated with e-commerce and retail stores, which are now able to use site visitations, transactional data, POS data, your wishlist or interest and provide a more customized experience. Today, customers have this expectation for this personalized approach which has led to the adoption of personalization and major transformation in retail stores, hotels, and stadiums to meet this new requirement.

Personalized buying experience and the customer’s journey from the landing page to the checkout page is a new relationship builder that makes the customer feel a personal connection rather than just another sales figure. This whole cycle increases consumer loyalty towards the brand, ensuring repetitive customers and more brand following. There is a saying: Happy customers are the best advertisers.

According to a study by Salesforce, a whopping 72% of consumers expect that the business or the brand should understand their need, preference, and expectations. They want their preference remembered and choices respected.

Better customer experience and alignment results in good public feedback which decides overall brand image in the public. A few keystrokes from disgruntled customers can rebuke future customers. With so many alternatives in the market, it is a matter of clicks before you are replaced by another brand, product or service, which respects association with the customer.

With the proper mix of marketing, sales, and technology, you can achieve a meaningful relationship with your customer and stand out in the crowd. The success of your email campaigns, marketing technique or personalization is as good as your user data. How well you collect, measure, treat and utilize your data is the key to better-personalized experience for your customer.

Creativity combined with your personalized efforts and targeted personalized campaigns will definitely provide you with long-term success. In the end, personalization is all about how well you know your customer base and what you can do to serve them better. The universal advice stays true: Try putting yourself in their shoes and look from their perspective. This will not only help you to understand your customer but will also guide you to create better tactics and marketing strategies.

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