Aakash Raghavendra Pratap Singh
Raghavendra is the Assistant Marketing Manager at Sigmoid. He specializes in content marketing domains, digital and social media marketing.

Raghavendra Singh
He is the Assistant Marketing Manager at Sigmoid.
Migration from Metamarkets to SigView

An acquisition can leave clients vulnerable to disruption of existing workflow and process dependent on the company, which results in subsequent loss of proper functioning, financial and loss of the client’s end-users. The recent acquisition of Metamarkets by Snap has left many users looking for action plan for moving to an alternate reliable analytics platform. The best solution for this unavoidable situation is to plan an early migration to a different real-time analytics platform that is easy to do, less time consuming and can prevent any future losses to maintain compliance to regulatory requirements, while decreasing operating costs.

In this blog, we wanted to explain how we have planned a migration strategy from Metamarkets to SigView, our real time analytics platform. We have been working in this industry for the past 2 years and currently working with leading ad platforms to analyze billions of ad impressions in real time. Our platform is designed to give you a real time access to your bid and auction data by analyzing massive data sets. With the help of SigView, you can see insights on data in real time which can unlock the true potential of programmatic advertising.

Sigmoid provides easy integration, campaign health monitoring, insights from interactive dashboards and expansion to different data sources. Intelligent, automated migration of large scale data sets can reduce complexity and thus improve service by limiting user disruption and avoiding data breaches.

Migrating your workflows and data to SigView is easy, and you can get up and running within 2 weeks. We have highlighted a detailed plan for migration below.. The motivation for the steps is to build trust in the new platform, minimize the impact of change and eliminate dark period involved in a migration of this scale.


At a high level, the process is broken down into 4 steps: Initiation, Proposal, Trial and Closure.

Stage A: Initiation

In the initial step customer is provided with opportunity to explore and get familiar with our platform. Through this not only do they get a chance to preview our platform but we too get an opportunity to understand their diverse use cases and create methods to solve them. After an initial discussion with different stakeholders, we identify the customers use case and how we help in solving them.


Stage B: Proposal

In this stage , we intend to potentially showcase our platform as a strong alternative to Metamarkets and why we make a strong business case for replacing metamarkets. We create different use cases for stakeholders and ensure cost savings. To provide high level cost estimates, we extrapolate on total volume of data, usage, dimension and retention period.

Stage C: Trial

We understand that users are currently using the Metamarkets dashboard very frequently and might have many saved downloads, alerts etc. To minimize the impact of change and eliminate dark period we propose to run SigView in parallel with Metamarkets to migrate all existing workflows, validate the data and perform other necessary tasks.

Historical data is used to validate our dashboard against your existing Metamarkets dashboard. A data quality and consistency check is done against Metamarkets dashboard and amendments are made according to feedback. Finally, all workflows are migrated and data is validated.

Stage D: Closure

Once every user is onboard we sign off on the trial and start the production set up.

We offer a dedicated account manager with round the clock support team who ensure that all alerts and downloads that are set up in your current Metamarkets setup is migrated to SigView so that users have a seamless experience.

After the data migration and transformation is done, you can start using our platform seamlessly and spend your time and energy in driving new business insights and improve overall efficiency.

Reach out to us for a free demo today and start changing your programmatic experience for the better.

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