IOT & Sensor Data
Understand your Sensor/ IOT Data Using
Deep Graph Learning

Keep track of readings from millions of different sensors to better understand testing and monitoring data
Built for IOT
Explore your event data
Optimized for analysis of time series sensor data
identify and zoom down to specific time ranges seamlessly and more efficiently
No Code required
ask the questions you want answers to without writing a single line of code
Automatically Create segments
Easy to create, flexible and customisable segments for easier analysis.
Cassandra and Spark ensures we easily scale to beyond millions of sensors
We can create alerts or messages based on occurrence of specific pattens
How are people using us?



Product functionality tests
Customers use our platform for final quality control tests in testing environments so that the final shipped product has their highest quality standards. We help them verify the product functions are as expected.
Anomaly detection
Sensors stream field data and identifying anomalies is often a challenge as rule based detection methodologies either flag too many or too few errors. Using our deep graph learning approach we can separate anomalies from spurious spikes.



Trend and pattern recognition
Lending human like intelligence in recognising patterns and trends has been one of our biggest use cases. So we have trained our platform to continuously learn from human interactions and train itself for better trend and pattern recognition.

Preventive Maintenance

Sensors attached to machines continuously keep relaying the health of the machines. By understanding the patterns in the data, we can flag machine failures in advance so that corrective action cane taken.