Rahul Rahul Nath
Rahul Nath is the Business Analyst (Sales & Marketing) at Sigmoid. He is in charge of sales and marketing operations and performs data analysis.

Rahul Nath
He is the Business Analyst (Sales & Marketing) at Sigmoid.
Why B2B Marketers need “Interactive” Analytics Platform?

Bid Farewell to Static Reporting Screens;

Say Hello to Interactive Dashboards!

Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing involves promotion of products or services to businesses or other organizations for use in general business operations. As the world goes increasingly digital, these marketing campaigns and programs generate exponentially huge volumes of data. Capturing and making sense of this data is crucial to design and chalk out growth strategies for the product as well as the business.

Dashboards are universally accepted, as perhaps, the most effective way to visualize, capture and provide insights into an organization’s performance. When it comes to a B2B Marketing firm, the key to a perfect dashboard is the Flexibility it offers, both in terms of customization as well as representing real-time data events across multiple fields. To meet this requirement, it is first essential to determine the right number and relation between custom metrics, to translate a fair sense of the overall picture.

These real-time custom consolidated data views are important assets to monitor marketing performance. Teams can measure progress toward a specific target and react in near real time to improve their existing campaign strategies. Moreover, it also provides quick and relevant information to strategize marketing goals.

Measuring ROI and Campaign Effectiveness:

B2B Marketing campaigns bring with them a lot of data, from high-level revenue reporting down to program and channel-specific metrics, that are a prerequisite for measuring ROI and campaign effectiveness. It is not uncommon for marketers to depend on different tools to cover different aspects, be it third party analytics apps, custom back-end systems, DFP Campaigns, elaborate Excel or Google spreadsheets, etc to track and evaluate campaign performances. But measuring ROI solely on the basis of these third-party tools is unreliable. It is expensive, time consuming and often involves a complicated procedure to review data across various channels and sources. All these factors affect the ROI scalability of B2B Marketing firms.


An Effective B2B Marketing Strategy:

Scaling one’s business to the next level would surely involve implementing effective marketing strategies. However, we should never allow increasing data volume to act a hindrance to their business plans. Choosing the right analytics platform to define the target and perform ad hoc analysis across N-dimensions would greatly minimize the team’s efforts towards reaching their targets. This is why a customized “interactive” dashboard is the need of the hour! The skill to collate data from multiple disparate sources and decipher trends to create maximum visual impact is easier said than done if you don’t have the right platform to support your vision. These insights go a long way in drafting competitive strategies, leading to a fundamental shift in the way B2B Marketing companies used to function earlier. For businesses looking to effectively market themselves to clients and other organizations, having access to real-time reporting greatly influences their strategies. Additionally, this helps to optimize efforts, time and money, that are invested in developing a successful marketing campaign.

How accurate is your data?

Analytics based inferences are primarily impacted by the accuracy of data points. A marginal variation in the current or future estimates can either spell boon or bane to an organization’s road plan. Considering the case of B2B Marketing firms, various interpretations of data through predictive analysis, growth models, gap analysis, competitor and ROI analysis industrial information etc. should be highly accurate as well as properly segmented. This is even more difficult while dealing with big data, as volume scalability overrides the expected margins of precision and production. The efficiency with which teams can connect and sell to top decision makers of their prospected clients is much lower with inconsistent data points. Clean, secure and accurate data always gives the team a better opportunity to optimize transparency in reports, take educated decisions and predict estimated results on time, thereby giving a clear direction to the organization’s strategy.

APIs for Quick and Easy Integration:

Over the past few quarters, enterprises are showing a keen interest in adopting robust API strategies to drive business integration. The teams have realized that using one specific tool isn’t a perfect fit to address multiple issues. The case is even more evident in the world of B2B Marketing, where tools depend on each other to provide access to data for catering to different aspects and needs of the teams within the organization. Solution sharing is the norm to drive accurate and effective outcomes. However, from the aspect of ease of integration, amount of re-work to migrate and the underlying cost and time requirements, it will be most optimal to have all teams work on a single platform. This, more importantly, results in a single source of truth, eliminating data inconsistencies or lapses across teams! Moreover, B2B Marketing teams need constant access to social media connectivity, search browsers, data transfer and other solutions, and it would make their daily tasks much easier if they had a single working environment to navigate their routine work activities.

How can Sigmoid help you?

Sigmoid aims to be an integral part of a successful B2B Marketing strategy, by ensuring your data is cleansed, enriched, and integrated so it can yield the most accurate marketing insights. We help marketers increase revenue contribution by solving some of their toughest data management and visualization problems. By providing them with real-time reporting to visualize data using our smarter and faster interactive platform, SigView, we present you full access to all of our API connectors.

These data journey tendencies offer valuable information to design effective marketing strategies. Using these insights, marketing professionals can identify targets for upselling opportunities, accelerate sales, and even discover new markets. Additionally, it can be used to fine-tune your marketing for the future!

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