Boost Enterprise Productivity with Generative AI

Your action plan to kickstart the Generative AI journey

According to a 2023 KPMG survey, 77% of business executives globally expect generative AI to have the largest impact on their businesses out of all emerging technologies.


Many organizations are seeing generative AI as a disruptive tool that can unlock new productivity frontiers across a multitude of applications. Our latest guidebook unpacks the hype surrounding this new evolution of AI, delving into some areas where it can drive tangible business value across industries and functions, with some insights to help businesses fast-track their generative AI journey.


Some key takeaways from this whitepaper:

  • What does generative AI mean for enterprises
  • Impact of generative AI on driving productivity
  • Generative AI use cases by industry and top tools to use
  • Successful real-world examples of generative AI
  • How generative AI can transform data management

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Redefining Enterprise Productivity

About the author

Aleksandar Lazarevic, PhD is a consulting partner at Sigmoid. He is an award-winning AI executive with over 24 years of experience in applying AI and data analytics in various industries. He has previously led many analytics initiatives at Hello Fresh, Stanley, Black & Decker, Aetna, Travelers and Raytheon.

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