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Secure your business with risk management analytics solutions

Enterprises across industries deal with the complexity of processing extensive data from various origins while establishing mechanisms for non-compliance detection and real-time risk oversight. Sigmoid's data engineering and AI services provide risk management analytics for organizations seeking to navigate these challenges and employ data-driven risk mitigation strategies for faster resolution.


With the help of our risk and compliance analytics, financial institutions can create risk assessment solutions that predict the likelihood of a customer taking a specific action using propensity modeling as well as assess a company’s credit worthiness based on credit score modeling. Moreover, in industries such as healthcare, CPG, retail, and supply chain, our scalable data models play a critical role in enhancing decision quality, identifying malpractices, and instating robust governance policies. Embracing data-driven risk management is a strategic imperative for a wide array of industries, ensuring resilience and sustainable growth.

Navigate the evolving risk and compliance landscape with real-time analytics

Risk Management

Risk Management

  • Predict threat levels through risk assessment analytics and AI-driven risk classification models that can categorize entities into standardized risk classes.

  • Create targeted risk profiles of customers via segmentation models that identify behaviors, characteristics, and past activities.

  • Leverage fraud risk analytics to enable accurate fraud detection with machine learning algorithms that recognize suspicious anomalies in large, high-velocity transaction data.

Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory Reporting

  • Centralize enterprise data from all sources into a readily available data lake with standardized schemas for integrated analytics.

  • Combine, cleanse, and process data automatically across platforms for consolidated, unified analytics and reporting.

  • Gain on-demand visibility on risk indicators for continuous threat management through interactive analytics dashboards.

Data Security icon

Data Security

  • Establish rigorous governance standards and catalog data to improve compliance and risk data accountability.

  • Manage the end-to-end lifecycle of risk data sets with tools for discovery, integration, security, and model-based data processing.

  • Ensure data governance by deploying models that can trace data’s origin and transformation journey to maintain accountability in compliance.

Case study

Enhanced trade surveillance and regulatory compliance for top-3 investment bank

Find out how Sigmoid helped set up a robust trade surveillance for a top-tier investment bank, making it regulatory compliant and creating faster system response times.

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Lower cost of your regulatory compliance!

Talk to our experts to move your data to the cloud, stay compliant, and mitigate risks faster.

Lower cost of your regulatory compliance!

Talk to our experts to move your data to the cloud, stay compliant, and mitigate risks faster.