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Speed, accuracy, and reliability are crucial for enterprises to advance along their data and analytics journey. Sigmoid’s accelerators are specialized solutions and frameworks that solve common business challenges for target industries. They leverage the best practices of data engineering and data science to significantly cut down the time and resources required to deploy complex initiatives, reducing implementation cost and enhancing overall customer experience.

Point solutions to accelerate data-to-value for industries

Multi-Touch Attribution

Multi-Touch Attribution

Empowering marketers to optimize digital ad spends with faster insights.

  • Optimize campaigns mid-flight
  • Easily scale across brands/geos
  • Timely and accurate reporting with faster dashboard refresh rates
Data Connectors for CPG

Data Connectors for CPG

Helping CPGs to effortlessly ingest and analyze diverse data in a central place.

  • Automate data ingestion
  • Create easy-to-read dashboards
  • Draw a holistic overview from various retail and eCommerce sources
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Enabling advertisers to perform real-time data analysis at scale and speed.

  • Plug-n-play tool
  • Real-time analytics dashboard
  • Connect to any data warehouse and analyze billions of ad impressions

MLOps Framework: a proven roadmap from PoC to production

Accelerate time to business value by productionizing ML models at scale. With years of experience in implementing proven processes and operating technology stacks, Sigmoid’s MLOps framework guarantees the successful deployment of models at scale.

Explore MLOps framework
MLOps Framework from PoC to production

Customer success stories

Data Lake Success Story

Increased marketing effectiveness for CPG firm

Sigmoid’s multi-touch attribution solution helped a leading CPG brand to measure their marketing effectiveness and delivered 11% improvement in ROMI.

MLOps Personalized Marketing Strategy

MLOps to deliver personalized marketing for a QSR chain

Sigmoid productionized the multi-armed bandit ML models for a major QSR chain to deliver tailored emails to over 12 MN customers resulting in an 8% sales uplift.

Real time data analytics for AdTech firm

Real-time data analytics platform for AdTech firm

Sigview processed 80 MN rows of daily auction data at an average query response time of under 3 secs, enhancing data transparency for an AdTech company.

Centralized data lake for food manufacturer

Centralized data lake for Fortune 500 food manufacturer

Sigmoid’s data connectors automated ingestion from 30+ sources and built a robust data lake to facilitate faster marketing analytics for a food manufacturer.

Explore our other data and analytics services

Data strategy

Build a robust analytics roadmap and modernize your data fabric for driving business transformation.

Data engineering

Drive higher business outcomes by operationalizing AI platforms and improving the efficiency of data pipelines on cloud.

Data science

Get faster actionable business insights using data science, visualization, and AI for a high success rate on your analytics initiatives.

Insights and perspectives

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