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Speed, accuracy, and reliability are crucial for enterprises to advance along their data and analytics journey. Sigmoid’s accelerators are specialized solutions and frameworks that solve common business challenges for target industries. They leverage the best practices of data engineering and data science to significantly cut down the time and resources required to deploy complex initiatives, reducing implementation cost and enhancing overall customer experience.

Point solutions to accelerate data-to-value for industries

Our accelerators offer specialized solutions to meet your needs and create new value across a range of industry use cases. Whether it’s demand forecasting, custom GenAI tools, automated data integration, or optimizing marketing strategies, these accelerators have functionalities essential for modern businesses to make faster and better-informed decisions.

Interactive platform that accurately assesses the performance of marketing campaigns and Empower marketers to optimize digital ad spends with faster insights. It allows in-flight campaign optimization with granular insights on the performance of channel and marketing tactics while addressing the challenges of attribution cost and latency.

  • Deliver incremental sales lift with optimal ROMI
  • Easily scale across brands/geos
  • Timely and accurate reporting with faster dashboard refresh rates
Maximize your ROMI

Designed to unlock the full potential of digital marketing campaigns with data-driven creative generation. It employs cutting-edge technologies such as Midjourney, Dall-E, and Generative Fill to create personalized visuals, effectively forging a connection with the target audience.

  • Enhanced online presence
  • Suite of customizable content
  • Drive higher conversions
Explore Creative Generator

The platform ensures your advertising efforts are optimized for maximum impact through automated campaign setup, optimized bidding, audience curation, continuous monitoring, and actionable audience insights. By providing comprehensive and real-time data, it ensures your advertising campaigns are both efficient and effective.

  • Real-time analytics
  • Actionable audience insights
  • Utilizes advanced algorithms for optimized bidding

Plug-n-play platform to enable advertisers with real-time data analysis with slice-and-dice features to optimize marketing campaigns and discover new advertising inventory. Sigview analyzes billions of ad impressions in seconds and generates actionable insights to drive revenue growth.

  • Plug-n-play tool, connect to any data warehouse
  • Real-time interactive analytics dashboard
  • Analyze billions of ad impressions in seconds
Power real-time analytics for AdTech

A generative AI platform specializing in semantic search designed for brand health monitoring. Listen and analyze social media conversations, decipher sentiment, detect early warning signs and receive alerts for upcoming trends to shape your marketing strategies.

  • Real-time social media monitoring
  • Trend detection and alerts
  • Enhanced marketing impact
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Transform customer service with our generative AI solution by expertly handling emails, creating responses, and effortlessly accessing knowledge bases to deliver top-notch assistance.

  • GPT integration for automated response generation
  • Minimal human input and supervision
  • Versatile scenario coverage
Explore Digital Concierge

Harness predictive analytics to anticipate market trends and customer demands accurately, and gain insights that can help optimize inventory management or enhance supply chain efficiency.

  • Provides market trends and consumer insights
  • Optimizes inventory levels to ensure the right products are available

It is a centralized hub that integrates data from various sources across the supply chain, including suppliers, manufacturers, logistics providers, and retailers. Our accelerator provides real-time visibility, monitoring, and management of the end-to-end supply chain.

Simulation and advanced analytics techniques to arrive at the desired network enabling balance between cost and SLAs.

  • Predictive analytics for network traffic
  • Data-driven insights

This platform has conversational business bots that streamline supply chain enterprise reporting, drastically reducing manual overhead costs while simplifying query creation and generating actionable insights.

  • Simplifies the process of creating queries for supply chain reporting
  • Streamlines supply chain reporting processes

This framework is designed to get faster value that integrates data science, data engineering, and DataOps for faster time to productionize ML models while ensuring model health across the ML lifecycle.

  • Monitors model performance and alerts on anomalies
  • Faster time to production

A generative AI-based data analysis solution designed to empower non-technical business users with on-demand insights without using queries. Simply pose questions as prompts and extract valuable insights.

  • Query-free analysis
  • Enables quick decision-making

Platform to identify, rectify, and prevent data quality issues throughout the data lifecycle with interactive dashboards and alert mechanisms. It is a scalable solution that integrates into any cloud environment and executes data quality tasks with minimal manual intervention.

  • Sends alerts for critical data quality issues
  • Integrates seamlessly into any cloud environment
  • Scales to handle large volumes of data

Collect, analyze, and make informed decisions with high-quality data. Sigmoid’s data connectors provide an easy way to integrate data sources for each business function. Our suite of connectors, including sales data connector, supply chain data connector, and marketing data connector, empowers you to generate CPG data insights and make informed data-driven decisions.

  • Automate data ingestion
  • Create easy-to-read dashboards
  • Draw a holistic overview from various retail and eCommerce sources
Streamline data ingest

Platform that allows a granular level of cloud resource utilization analysis, cost optimization, real-time performance monitoring, and multi-cloud management.

  • Monitors cloud resource performance in real-time
  • Optimizes resource allocation for better cost-efficiency

A bot leveraging Langchain, Llama, and OpenAI libraries to analyze documents, webpages, images with text, YouTube links, and audio files and provide answers to the questions. This generative-AI platform streamlines the process of obtaining insights, ensuring you get answers swiftly, without the hassle of exhaustive searches. It boosts productivity and efficiency, allowing businesses to make faster, data-driven decisions.

  • Human-like conversations
  • Versatile domain adaptability
  • Comprehensive textual data understanding
Explore AnswerBot

A hybrid recommendation model for white spaces and continuity assortment which provides SKU recommendations across different points of sales, targeted towards improving availability and market share.

  • Improve product availability in stores
  • Assortment continuity across different points of sales

MLOps Framework: a proven roadmap from PoC to production

Accelerate time to business value by productionizing ML models at scale. With years of experience in implementing proven processes and operating technology stacks, Sigmoid’s MLOps framework guarantees the successful deployment of models at scale.

Explore MLOps framework
MLOps Framework from PoC to production

Customer success stories

Data Lake Success Story

Increased marketing effectiveness for CPG firm

Sigmoid’s multi-touch attribution solution helped a leading CPG brand to measure their marketing effectiveness and delivered 11% improvement in ROMI.

MLOps Personalized Marketing Strategy

MLOps to deliver personalized marketing for a QSR chain

Sigmoid productionized the multi-armed bandit ML models for a major QSR chain to deliver tailored emails to over 12 MN customers resulting in an 8% sales uplift.

Real time data analytics for AdTech firm

Real-time data analytics platform for AdTech firm

Sigview processed 80 MN rows of daily auction data at an average query response time of under 3 secs, enhancing data transparency for an AdTech company.

Centralized data lake for food manufacturer

Centralized data lake for Fortune 500 food manufacturer

Sigmoid’s data connectors automated ingestion from 30+ sources and built a robust data lake to facilitate faster marketing analytics for a food manufacturer.

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