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Legacy systems, siloed data, and an unstructured approach to data analytics often fail to unlock the real value in your enterprise data. Sigmoid helps business leaders define a data strategy and deploy data engineering and data science models to uncover previously hidden insights. Our services can improve data quality, speed up analytical processes, and identify the right problems for maximum business impact. Our data and analytics strategy will assist you with data management, data governance, monetization and compliance to transform your business performance.

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Legacy systems often present significant challenges in modern data analytics due to their lack of agility, compatibility, and integration capabilities. Businesses must employ a holistic approach to address these legacy data issues by devising migration strategies for modern platforms or cloud environments. We specialize in migrating and modernizing legacy systems while ensuring data continuity and facilitating advanced analytics adoption.

Efficient, secure, and strategic handling of organizational data assets can help optimize business performance. Data management involves processes for data acquisition, storage, integration, governance, and analysis. Effective data management enhances data quality, accessibility, and reliability, enabling informed decision-making. It facilitates data-driven insights and supports critical business functions, such as customer relationship management, supply chain optimization, and risk mitigation. A well-executed data management strategy empowers businesses to improve operational efficiency and drive overall business transformation.

Data modernization initiatives should encompass several key aspects. There should be a focus on migrating data to modern platforms, including cloud-based solutions, to enhance scalability and agility. Updating data storage and processing technologies is crucial for improved performance and efficiency. Implementing data orchestration and automation streamlines workflows. All data modernization initiatives should ensure data security and compliance regulations. Moreover, organizations should invest in data governance and metadata management for comprehensive data understanding.

Absolutely, we specialize in data strategy development and data governance. Our expertise includes formulating tailored data strategies aligned with business objectives. We assess your data landscape, identify opportunities, and create a roadmap for optimal data utilization. Regarding data governance, we establish robust frameworks encompassing data policies, access controls, and compliance measures. We also implement data stewardship practices to ensure data quality and integrity. The goal is to empower your organization to harness data effectively, make informed decisions, and maintain data security and compliance.

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Free data & analytics maturity assessment >>

Talk to our experts to get a free report on your organization’s data and analytics maturity.