Sigmoid Data Science Services

Enabling timely and impactful business decisions driven by data

Transforming data into intelligence

For enterprise leaders looking to maximize the economic value of data, Sigmoid’s data science services establish an analytics-led culture that helps in identifying topline growth and operational efficiency across business functions. Driven by a problem-solving mindset, our data science expertise leverages the latest technologies in ML and robust data engineering processes to develop scalable advanced analytics solutions that reduce time to accurate insights.

How Sigmoid can help you deliver on your advanced analytics initiatives

Tight formulation and refinement of business problems

  • Data Science Consulting workshops with extensive stakeholder interactions for a multifaceted exploration of the business challenges
  • Problem prioritization through data-led impact analysis
  • Project KPIs defined and monitored in close alignment to specific business goals

Continuous skill development & research

  • Intensive training for data scientists that encourages scientific problem-solving with a business focus
  • Open-source technologies and tools upskilling through Sigmoid’s Takshashila academy
  • Constant research and application of latest solution architectures

Strong Data Engineering framework for successful Data Science projects

  • Robust Model development methodology with scalability at its core
  • Collaboration with data engineers from the start of the project
  • Data ecosystem for an end-to-end services from model development, deployment to maintenance & support

Full spectrum analytics capabilities across business functions

Marketing Analytics

Collect, process, and analyze the right data to gain a deep understanding of customer engagement across marketing channels. Our actionable recommendations enable marketers to develop highly targeted marketing strategies that are scalable across brands and geographies. Our marketing analytics solution enables:

  • Hyper Personalization
  • Multi-touch attribution
  • Recommendation engines
  • Social media analytics
  • Product innovation

Customer Analytics

Develop a holistic view of the brand audience to improve all aspects of the customer experience (CX) journey. Our end-to-end analytics solutions provide valuable insights across the customer lifecycle to multiple stakeholders, including product leaders and CXOs.

  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Identity Graphs
  • 360 Customer Journey
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Customer Churn Prevention

Supply Chain analytics

Improve forecast accuracy and shorten order cycle time that improves customer fulfillment. Our scalable supply chain forecasting models provides a holistic solution for supply chain teams to optimize inventory and mitigate business disruptions.

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Stock Analytics
  • Logistics Route Optimization

AI and Innovation

Accelerate the adoption and proliferation of cutting edge AI solutions with industry experts and data specialists

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