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Despite huge investments in advanced analytics and AI, many business leaders struggle to effectively scale and unlock its potential. Some of the challenges they face are lack of understanding of advanced analytics processes such as machine learning, challenges in identifying the right problems and the inability to use the latest tools and technologies.

Sigmoid, the leading data science consulting firms delivers advanced analytics solutions offering tangible results to business challenges by identifying the right problems and implementing the right tools and technologies in machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning. With deep experience in AI implementation, Sigmoid’s data science consultants build production-level predictive ML services, our customers are empowered with timely and accurate insights across the customer, marketing, and supply-chain side of businesses.

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Solutions for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Building an effective AI strategy remains a major challenge for companies as it can be expensive and time-consuming. Sigmoid helps accelerate the adoption and proliferation of cutting-edge AI solutions with our team of data specialists. We help accelerate time to business value for AI projects by 30% by strengthening AI model life cycle management and overcoming the challenges of model drift.

Solutions for Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Technology integration, compatibility, lack of scalability and siloed configurations are some of the greatest ML challenges. Sigmoid provides expertise in custom ML solutions to seamlessly integrate technologies to maximize ROI. We have worked on many interesting ML use cases such as market basket analysis, building recommendation engines, multi-touch attribution models for improved marketing campaigns, and more.

Solutions for Deep Learning

Deep Learning

Companies are exploring deep learning to build intelligent solutions such as voice and image recognition algorithms, recommendation engines, predictive analytics, self-learning algorithms, and more. Sigmoid has built several deep learning use cases such as neural network architecture to create prediction models, Natural Language Processing to build algorithms for text recognition on images, and more.

How can Sigmoid help you deliver on your Advanced Analytics Initiatives

data science discussion in group
  • Data science consulting workshops for a multifaceted exploration of the business challenges
  • Problem prioritization through data-led impact analysis
  • Project KPIs defined and monitored in close alignment to specific business goals
  • Leverage full-spectrum of innovative, intelligent and self-learning AI and ML solutions
  • Robust model development, deployment, maintenance & support
  • Run AI initiatives with 30% faster time to market of ML models
  • Advanced open-source technologies and tools for real-time tracking of data
  • Build customized dashboards to track performance
  • Establish an analytics-led culture to deliver top-line growth and operational efficiency

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Full-spectrum Analytics Capabilities Across Business Functions

Develop highly targeted marketing strategies that are scalable across brands and geographies.

  • Hyper-Personalization
  • Multi-touch attribution
  • Recommendation engines
  • Social media analytics

Understand customer needs and improve the customer experience (CX) journey with our end-to-end customer analytics solutions.

  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • 360 Customer Journey
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Customer Churn Prevention

Get a scalable and holistic solution for supply chain teams to optimize inventory and mitigate business disruptions while improving forecast accuracy.

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Stock Analytics
  • Logistics Route Optimization

Our Data Science Technology Stack

Data Science Technology Stack

Frequently Asked Questions

Data science involves data pre-processing, analysis, visualization and prediction, whereas AI involves implementation of a predictive model to forecast future events. Data Science finds hidden patterns in the data, and AI is about imparting autonomy to the data model. These AI systems rely on data and the system’s ability to interpret that data. An understanding of data science concepts and tools can help AI practitioners with practical and effective application of data and various aspects of data science is crucial to meet tangible business objectives.

Data science turns massive data streams produced by industries into insights. Once the data is collected, cleaned, and uploaded to the platform or cloud database, data scientists process the data and communicate the results to key stakeholders, convincing decision-makers of their results. Data science services are spread across customer analytics, propensity modeling, marketing analytics, supply chain analytics, demand planning and forecasting, multi-armed bandit solutions, productionizing machine learning models, harmonizing data, and more. Essentially, data scientists lay a solid data foundation and perform robust analytics to understand their businesses and customers better to make better decisions.

While traditional statistics and data analysis methods have been used to explain and predict, data science takes this further to process the data to drive deeper actionable insights. It has been used across various industries to solve business problems such as planning out a customer acquisition and retention strategy, defining the supply chain analytics, predictive analytics, enabling marketers to measure and optimize marketing tactics, and more.

Sigmoid is a leading data solutions company with core specialization in data engineering, data science, and AI solutions. Sigmoid has developed expertise in handling end-to-end machine learning projects, deploying ML models into production, implementing AI use cases and more. Sigmoid sets itself apart from its competitors by delivering tangible business outcomes for issues where other analytics vendors and internal data science teams struggle, such as putting ML models into production. The Data Science team at Sigmoid is built on five pillars — talent, cutting-edge technology training, problem-solving capabilities, innovation, and impeccable execution. The company has built analytics solutions for use cases across industries like CPG, pharma, insurance, AdTech, and manufacturing.

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