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To Learn Is To Grow

Inspired by the world’s first university and a beacon of knowledge – Takshashila is Sigmoid’s in-house learning academy that aims to provide employees with opportunities to acquire new skills (reskilling) and to enhance their current skills (upskilling). Built on one of our core values of continuous learning, Takshashila fosters application-oriented learning with best-in-class resources and platforms.

At Takshashila, we take a holistic approach to individual learning while enabling outcome-driven learning

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Technical Training

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Soft Skills

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Client Management

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Knowledge Sharing

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Professional Etiquette

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Leadership Training

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Behavioral Training

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Project Management

Training Programs for Employees

We strongly believe in helping every new joinee at Sigmoid familiarize with the organization’s projects and processes while accelerating their professional development. We offer support to all our employees from Day 1 to become rounded professionals.

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  • 6-8 weeks training on the data foundation
  • Campus to corporate transition
  • Facilitate hands-on experience
  • Continuous assessment
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  • Customized 4-6 weeks training
  • Business acumen skills
  • Simulation to real-world problems
  • Project management
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Non Tech Teams

  • Customized training based on the department
  • Sessions on company’s technical working
  • Upskilling & reskilling on need basis
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  • Project-related upskilling & reskilling
  • Continuous learning alongside live projects
  • Hands-on project work

Highlights of Learning & Development Program

We facilitate personalized and continuous learning pathways integrated within the flow of the work.

Our learning approach includes instructor-led classroom sessions, online learning, and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing interactions.

Extensive training by subject matter experts (SME) in respective teams based on project requirements.

Every technical topic is facilitated by an interaction with a subject matter expert to gain a deep understanding of the subject.

All new employees at Sigmoid are assigned a mentor to help them assimilate into the organization quickly.

Learning & development program of sigmoid

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