Takshashila – Learning and Development University

Takshashila – Learning and Development University

Sigmoid’s in house learning and development university, Takshashila, was started with the sole purpose to create and nurture data experts.

Takshashila was the name of a city in ancient North India, and famous for housing the world’s first known University. It was a hub for over 10,000 students coming from different parts of the world. Takshashila was regarded as the educational capital of the world by the Greeks, Central Asians as well as Middle Easterners.

Continuous Learning

Our Philosophy for Takshashila percolates from our Core Value of Continuous Learning and is guided by Data-Driven Decision Making

Our Process

Competencies, desired behaviors, and skills are mapped Organization, Department, Team, and Individual level to identify the gap between the current and desired future state at all levels.

Individual Learning Path is charted out across all dimensions- Technical, People, Business, Operations, and a curriculum structure is designed.

Content is mapped to the curriculum design and timelines, and the content mix is created with special focus on learning formats– keeping a healthy mix of content formats such as on the job, e-learning, classroom, mentoring, etc. to make the program more engaging.

Assignments and evaluations are tied closely to the outcomes expected at work. Progress is monitored very closely with regular personalized evaluations with high involvement of senior employees of the department to analyze improvement in competencies, job performance.

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