Takshashila – Sigmoid’s In-house Learning Academy

Takshashila, Sigmoid’s In-house Learning Academy develops rounded professionals

Inspired by the world’s first university and a beacon of knowledge – Takshashila is Sigmoid’s in-house learning academy that aims to provide employees with opportunities to acquire new skills (reskilling) and to enhance their current skills (upskilling). Built on one of our core values of continuous learning, Takshashila fosters application-oriented learning with best-in-class resources and platforms. It takes a holistic approach to individual learning while fostering application-oriented and outcome-driven learning.

Training Programs


  • 8-weeks training program to start the professional journey at Sigmoid.
  • Training on business essentials, technical skills, consulting skills, and soft skills.
  • Working on mock projects to apply learnings in real-world problems.
  • Multiple assignments and evaluations to assess the employee’s skill levels.


  • Customized training for 6-8 weeks after onboarding.
  • Designing training programs based on the skill level and client requirements.
  • A refresher course on various technologies apart from induction.
  • Opportunity to use real-time data to solve the clients’ problems.


  • On-request training on a particular topic on a need-basis.
  • Designing the program after conducting a thorough Training Needs Analysis (TNA).
  • Structuring the curriculum to match the training needs.
  • Continued focus on reskilling to deliver the best in every project.

Key Highlights

Mentorship & Buddy system

All new employees at Sigmoid are assigned a mentor to help them assimilate into the organization quickly and understand projects and processes.

Knowledge sharing session

Every technical topic is facilitated by an interaction with a subject matter expert to gain a deep understanding of the subject.

Domain knowledge training

Extensive training by subject matter experts (SME) in respective teams based on project requirements.

Blended learning approach

Our learning approach includes instructor-led classroom sessions, online learning, and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing interactions.

Personalized learning

We facilitate personalized and continuous learning pathways integrated within the flow of the work.

Continuous Learning

Our Philosophy for Takshashila percolates from our Core Value of Continuous Learning and is guided by Data-Driven Decision Making

Embrace Learning

Enjoy acquiring new knowledge and skills regularly.

Rounded Professional

Expose yourself to different streamlines to become a rounded data professional.

Learn Pragmatically

Follow a practical, hands-on approach to learning.

Sigmoid’s Learning Process

The competencies and skills of an employee are mapped to identify the gap between the current and desired future state at an organization, department, team, and individual level.

Individual Learning Path is charted out across all dimensions — Technical, People, Business, Operations, and a curriculum structure is designed. The content mix is then created which is imparted through e – learning, classroom, and specialized mentoring from experts.

Assignments and evaluations are tied closely to the outcomes expected at work. Progress is closely monitored with regular personalized evaluations by senior employees of the department to analyze overall improvement and job performance.

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