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Data science requires close collaboration with data engineering to be effective

The relationship between data science and data engineering is like the one between an architect and a builder. This article covers how cross-skilling and effective communication between the two teams deliver better business value to customers.

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Sigmoid delivers increased data accessibility & accelerates insights with cloud

This exclusive article with LiveMint covers how Sigmoid helps large enterprises modernize their data foundation on the Cloud with their end-to-end data engineering processes.

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Mayur Rustagi and Rahul Singh Recognized as 40 Under Forty Data Leaders of 2022 by CDO Magazine

CDO Magazine’s “40 Under Forty Data Leaders in 2022” is a comprehensive list highlighting the people driving data transformation across various industries around the world.


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Sigmoid helps build data and analytics competency for digital transformation success

Lokesh Anand shares how the company has grown rapidly despite the pandemic and helped its customer with the digital transformation journey.

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How Sigmoid offers a high-growth environment for data & analytics professionals

Sigmoid provides the right mix of opportunities, technology upskilling, and business use cases to build your dream career as a data professional

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Towards Better Data Engineering: Mostly People, But Also Process and Technology

The data engineering team at Sigmoid designs robust data platforms by breaking data silos to provide it in an accessible format. They are also responsible for creating automated data pipelines, helping transition from on-premise to the cloud in a cost-effective way, and more.

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Rahul Kumar Singh featured as one of the 50 Most Influential AI Leaders in India for the year 2021

Rahul Kumar Singh has been featured as one of the 50 Most Influential AI Leaders in India (2021) by Analytics India Magazine. The annual list recognizes the exceptional work by AI and data science leaders accomplished over the last year.

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How Sigmoid is solving complex business problems with data engineering and AI

Launched by a team of IIT-Kharagpur alumni, Sigmoid is leveraging data to harness actionable insights for Fortune 1000 companies

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How This Data Solutions Company Helps AI Projects Succeed Where Nearly 50% Of PoCs Fail

With core specialisation in data engineering and AI solutions since 2013, Sigmoid has developed expertise to handle end-to-end machine learning projects, including automated data integration, building data pipelines, deploying ML models into production and monitoring model performance.