Enabling Data Standardization and Error-free Reporting to Track Data Anomalies for Operational Efficiency

Standardized the global reporting across multiple metallurgical sites while generating daily automated reports and create mobile dashboards to detect anomalies

Business Challenges

The client is one of the largest mining companies in the world and operates in a highly regulated industry with stringent daily reporting requirements on various mining activities, including metal extraction. The data collection process for reporting was manual, Excel spreadsheet-based, and non-standardized across different sites. This process led to data errors that required high maintenance and did not provide accurate insights to the business.

The Client worked with us for the following requirements:

  • Creating a digital reporting ecosystem with all the stakeholders to get access to data at a click of a button
  • Creating less error-prone reports to be shared with the regulatory authority
  • Daily consolidation of KPI data
  • Creating mobile Tableau dashboards for leadership to detect anomalies and perform RCA

Sigmoid Solution

Sigmoid automated the reporting process by converting Excel-based logic into SQL. We used the DBT framework to process complex SQL queries which are further dockerized and deployed to GKE using Google Cloud Build and Cloud Trigger on code commit. The deployed application was triggered via Google Pub-Sub, the results of which get written to BigQuery tables. These are queried by Tableau for visualization dashboards which help in detecting data anomalies by drilling down to the root cause of the problem.

Business Impact

We consolidated data and reporting KPIs in near real-time from multiple sites to create a common set of KPIs and standard reporting across sites. The report was automated, removing all manual processes, making it error-free. We created three dashboards — Automated Reporting, Monitoring, and Alerting (ARMA), Mobile Dashboard for CXOs to detect anomalies, and Control Room Advisor Dashboard to keep track of control room performance across sites.

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