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Create deep and meaningful customer interactions across marketing channels

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Empowering marketers with predictive analytics to create relevant experiences for the connected customer

Understanding the customer is at the heart of every business. Analyzing the massive data that is created during customer interaction with brands across various stages of the purchase funnel is a crucial step to offer customer-centric products and services. Sigmoid’s customer analytics solutions provide detailed insights to carry deep data-driven segmentation and improve customer engagement. With predictive and prescriptive analytics, marketers can formulate targeted customer engagement strategies, plan marketing spends and deliver quality insights on consumer behavior to product development teams.

Unlock consumer insights with data and AI


  • Customer segmentation
  • Shopper insights
  • Customer journey mapping


  • Voice of the customer
  • Personalization
  • Customer experience


  • Pricing and promotions
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Churn analysis
Marketing Analytics

Strengthen your business with marketing analytics

Looking to enhance delivery of tailored messaging to the right customer at the right time? Leverage data and predictive analytics for faster insights and higher ROMI by providing a multi-channel view of the customer to your marketing team.

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Leverage data and AI-powered consumer insights to better anticipate customer needs and offer personalized experiences.