Centralized financial planning and analysis improves manufacturing cash flow

Connecting multiple ERP systems over a data lake improved access to data for better financial forecasting.

Business Scenario

The client is a multinational home and health products manufacturer. The financial planning and forecasting team relied on multiple local apps and ERP systems specific to manufacturing plants, for analysis. This process to carry out financial planning and budgeting was inefficient due to excessive manual efforts. The exercise became complicated over time with increase in siloed data sources and low overlap in analysis and reporting mechanisms across plants at an organizational level. Each plant had a different mechanism of collecting, aggregating, and managing data from multiple sources, giving rise to data quality issues and higher manual effort in data extraction.

Sigmoid Solution

We developed a centralized data lake that acted as the Single Source of Truth for all the plant-level data with automated pipelines for extraction, staging, and transformation. The unified data platform enabled quick reporting and data modeling for financial planning and forecasting. Data from 60+ tables from multiple SAP (SAP Hana, SAP BW) and non-SAP source files for each of the plant were copied on IBM Database 2, ingested and harmonized into Azure Data Lake with numerous integration and transformation logics. The orchestration pipelines for source files automation were set up in the input layer to reduce manual effort in data acquisition and allow ingestion in real-time.

Business Impact

Sigmoid’s unified data lake streamlined data transformation for various financial planning and analytics use-cases globally over a single source of truth. Organized data enabled faster financial forecasts at the plant and company level accounting for expenses, profits, and cash flows.

72% faster

data access for production planning and financial forecasting

~1 TB

of data scanned and processed within 3 months

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