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COVID-19 Webinar

As the world starts its recovery from COVID-19, Businesses are facing an unprecedented environment in what everyone is calling the new normal. Often a data-driven approach is used to challenge conventional methods, however, this new-normal confronts both techniques equally. Some of the frustrations that most enterprises are grappling with currently:

  1. Uncertain times and changing consumer behavior patterns driven by health and fiscal environment
  2. Fluid Regulatory Environment
  3. Statistical models on historical data are no longer reliable

Key discussion topics:

  • How agile enterprises are adopting a data-heavy approach to plan their businesses
  • What are some analytics across demand/supply/marketing that is proving useful
  • Essential data sets to help create real-time dashboards
  • How Sigmoid is helping large CPG companies setup a WAR Room

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Shailendra Singh (Shelly)

Founder & CEO Board Member @MarketsandMarkets

Rahul Singh

Chief Analytics Officer and Co-Founder @Sigmoid

Mayur Rustagi

CTO & Co-Founder @Sigmoid