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How Reckitt maximizes e-commerce sales through AI-driven targeting

Retail media networks are becoming the next big digital advertising channel. Almost 9 of the 10 largest retailers in the US (including Amazon, Kroger, Target, Walgreens, and Home Depot) operate their own media networks now. Global retail media ad spend is forecasted to be ~$122bn in 2023, having achieved double-digit growth every year since 2014.

Due to the growing popularity of online shopping, retail media advertising can offer consumer product brands the opportunity to leverage digital spaces to engage consumers in their purchase journey at the point of sale/digital shelf. Investing in retail media advertising necessitates brands to craft personalized shopper experiences along with contextualized ads that help increase brand visibility with relevant audiences.

With so many brands vying for customers' digital screen share, standing out from the competition is a steep hill to climb. Watch this complimentary webinar to know how CPG companies like Reckitt are increasingly leveling-up their artificial intelligence capabilities to more effectively analyze campaign data from eCommerce ad platforms like Amazon, thus driving higher sales.

Key discussion topics:

  • The state of advertising on retail e-commerce platforms
  • How Reckitt is leveraging machine learning to boost Amazon ROAS
  • Refining and generating new audience segments
  • Tips for automated campaign monitoring and optimization
  • How to use AI & machine learning to influence audience selection, campaign budget, and bid frequency


Imteaz Ahamed

Director, Performance Marketing - Nutrition Reckitt

Sundeep Kumar

Senior Strategy Consultant Sigmoid


Maia Jenkins

Editor CGT