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The CPG Guys – led by Sri Rajagopalan (Chief Customer Officer at General Mills) had an interesting session with Taj Peeran (VP Marketing of Digital, eCommerce and Brand Engagement at Reckitt) and Rahul Kumar Singh (Co-Founder and Chief Analytics Officer at Sigmoid), to discuss marketing attribution, hyper-personalization, CLTV and the role of AI in creating business value for the CPG industry.

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Discussion Points

9:35 – What was your inspiration to start Sigmoid? Tell us about the data science practice and how you have been delivering ‘measurable outcomes’ for CPG customers?

12:20 – What is your role at Reckitt and what does a day in your life look like? Tell us how data and insights shape your marketing strategy?

15:30 – How is Sigmoid helping you in data processing and optimization of marketing spend?

16:24 – Most CPG companies today recognize that the digital world require a new approach to how you measure marketing spend. What is a Multi-Touch Attribution model? And tell our audience how Sigmoid’s Multi-Touch Attribution accelerator helps to optimize marketing spends and drive revenue?

22:01 – Can you connect Sigmoid’s capabilities directly with Reckitt’s eCommerce results? How is Sigmoid helping you and what value are you getting out of this partnership?

27:16 – Largely, Artificial Intelligence is still a buzzword in the CPG industry. Can you decompose what AI means from on ‘outcome’ perspective and how is Sigmoid leveraging AI?

36:56 – How are you driving value for your clients in Customer Life-Time Value (CLTV) and Hyper-Personalization?

44:49 – What did you find different and compelling in Sigmoid’s approach? And why did you pick them vs other analytics companies?

46:51 – Why do you believe Sigmoid is better than many technology engineering and analytics providers in the market? What is your core value proposition that differentiates you and why should a brand work with you vs somebody else?


Taj Peeran profile picture

Taj Peeran

VP Marketing of Digital, eCommerce and Brand Engagement, Reckitt

Rahul singh profile picture

Rahul Singh

Chief Analytics Officer and Co-Founder Sigmoid


Sri Rajagopalan profile picture

Sri Rajagopalan

Chief Customer Officer at General Mills and Co-Host of ‘The CPG Guys’ podcast

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