Is your business ready to harness the power of Generative AI?

This short assessment helps you evaluate the readiness of your Generative AI to drive operational efficiency, enhance customer experience and boost productivity.
Multi-Step Form

Generative AI Maturity Assessment

The following assessment should take between 6 - 8 minutes to complete and comprises questions across five categories:

  1. Strategic Alignment and Accountability
  2. Budget Allocation and Use Case Prioritization
  3. Data Quality and Management
  4. Skills Development and Talent Acquisition
  5. Bias, Ethics, and Model upkeep

At the end of this assessment you will receive a score and a detailed report with the next steps to improve the maturity of your generative AI capabilities.

Confidentiality Agreement:

Your insights are highly appreciated, and we prioritize safeguarding the confidentiality of your responses. Rest assured, your feedback will be utilized solely for aggregated analyses. Your identity and individual responses will remain confidential, and we will not share them with any individual, organization, or publicly.

Strategic Alignment and Accountability

Alignment of your organization’s AI adoption with business goals, leadership structure and partnerships.

Budget Allocation and Use Case Prioritization

Budgeting practices for AI projects, identification of high-impact use cases and infrastructure readiness for generative AI.

Data Quality and Management

Quality, accessibility, and scalability of your data infrastructure for AI development and deployment.

Skills Development and Talent Acquisition

Your organization's talent pool for AI skills, investment in training and development programs, and strategies for attracting and retaining AI talent.

Bias, Ethics, and Model upkeep

Your organization's approach to addressing fairness, transparency, and ethical considerations in AI development.