Sigmoid Empowers ironSource To Perform Easier, Faster and More Accurate Root-Cause Analysis

Sigmoid’s provision of multi-level drill-downs on large and complex datasets, coupled with the RTB data integration in the same platform, empowers ironSource to scale up their real-time analytics capabilities to power next-generation advertising.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA | MARCH 21, 2018 | Sigmoid, a leader in real-time interactive analytics solutions, today teamed up with ironSource, leading mobile monetization and marketing company. The collaboration is aimed towards innovative custom solutions on a single platform, solving both programmatic as well as non-programmatic data analytics requirements.

“With rising data volumes and increasing complexity, our team needed to be able to extract more value than what they were getting from other existing solutions,” said Lior Valdberg, Director of BI at IronSource. “Our core focus is on providing the best technology and services for our app developer and advertiser clients. Part of that involves processing a huge amount of data at high speed, and we wanted an interactive dashboard which provided more flexibility in terms of data visibility, along with more effective root cause analysis.”

That’s when Sigmoid presented its real-time analytics platform, SigView, as a perfect fit to the problem at hand.

SigView empowered the ironSource team to perform ad hoc drill-downs on N-dimensional data, resulting in seamless and more efficient root cause analysis. This led to faster analysis of complex datasets and minimized the wastage of critical time and resources. “The key was to provide limitless flexibility to visualize and drill down to minute details, thereby quickly identifying unique data trends amidst the heap of data,” said Lokesh Anand, CEO and Co-Founder of Sigmoid.

“SigView not only allowed them to perform multi-level drill-down analysis, but also enabled them to get results in under 5 secs on huge data sets,” continued Lokesh. The platform also enabled users to increase the scope of the analysis by incorporating as many as 50 more dimensions to analyze and see it in a single view.

Sigmoid also worked with ironSource in integrating RTB data onto the same platform in just 2 days. “Fast and effective audience targeting capabilities are a central plank in any programmatic advertising campaign. By enabling RTB data analytics, SigView acts as an ideal platform in this process of customer-centric analytics,” said Itay Riemer, VP, Programmatic and Data, Brand Solutions at ironSource. “Since integrating Sigmoid’s real-time platform, we have better visibility into high-volume data sets and have been able to translate these insights into new business opportunities.”

About Sigmoid

Sigmoid provides real-time analytics solution for the digital advertising space, to enable partners to analyze programmatic data in real-time. Leading ad-tech companies work with Sigmoid to analyze billions of rows, filter through multiple dimensions, compare results across time periods and carry out root cause analysis in a matter of seconds. With offices in San Francisco and Bangalore, Sigmoid is backed by Sequoia Capital and Qualcomm Ventures. Read more at

About ironSource

ironSource, the leading in-app video advertising platform, makes free-to-play and free-to-use possible for over 1.5B people around the world. We build technologies that help app developers take their apps to the next level, including the industry’s largest in-app video network. Since only 2% of users pay to play, we provide tools to engage the other 98%. That’s why over 80K apps use our technologies to grow their app businesses, and why we’re working with leading companies like Big Fish Games, Zynga and Playrix. We care about good creative and making ads as enjoyable as your games, and our designers sit next to our performance team, making sure data informs every creative decision. Founded in 2010, we’re a truly global company, with a strong local presence in Tel Aviv, London, New York, San Francisco, Beijing, Bangalore, Seoul and Tokyo. Read more at

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Fast and effective audience targeting capabilities are a central plank in any programmatic advertising campaign. By enabling RTB data analytics, SigView acts as an ideal platform in this process of customer-centric analytics.

Itay Riemer

VP, Programmatic and Data, Brand Solutions at ironSource

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