A centralized data platform for faster analytics and insights delivery

Developed a centralized portal to collate all the datasets and apps in a single repository to make it easily discoverable and accessible to data scientists, app developers and BI analysts across geographies

Business Challenge

The customer wanted a centralized data portal that would allow data scientists to run ML models, view outputs, analyze model results on PowerBI dashboards, and centralize all model optimizations for each accessibility. Their business data was scattered across departments and geographies, making it difficult for different teams to access the data. The customer wanted to organize data to make it easily accessible and discoverable to the entire company across locations.

Sigmoid Solution

Sigmoid created a centralized portal that housed all the customer’s data assets, embedded analytics, standalone apps, and ML web apps in one place for easier accessibility. The portal includes all the data assets such as Alation, Dremio Sonar, and Xplore for users to slice and dice, explore, and export the data. The portal also consists of the entire range of applications owned by the customer for various business users to consume and allows a select group of users to onboard new applications. Data apps include embedded analytics, BI apps that offer BI reports or dashboards for a holistic view of their data story. Sigmoid’s portal supports reports belonging to Power BI, Google Studio, and Sharepoint assets like Excel.

Business Impact

The customer was able to collate all the data applications and reports in a single portal, which was easily accessible to every department of the organization.

14 days to 1 day

reduction in new app infrastructure provisioning


for data anytime, anywhere


duplication of resources

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