Centralized portal for BI results in seamless access to 30K+ reports and dashboards with faster access to insights

Sigmoid developed a centralized data portal with report cataloging functionality which led to faster report discovery across teams, enhanced collaboration between teams and faster time-to-market.

Business Challenge

The client is a global leader in health, hygiene, and nutrition products with a diverse product line. There were multiple reports being created at user-levels even for similar use-cases, and the access to the report was highly limited. The lack of a centralized enterprise level portal to access all the data- products, which led to duplication of reports, loss of resources, misalignment of users and waste of time in manual activities. They needed a solution that would break down information silos and accelerate the data discovery process across the organization.

Sigmoid Solution

Sigmoid created a centralized-but-connected knowledge portal hosted on Kubernetes that stored all the diverse data assets with associated metrics, embedded analytics, standalone apps, and other web apps in one place for quick access. The portal also consists of the entire range of applications owned by the customer for various business users to consume and allows a select group of users to onboard new applications. The one-stop repository included all the data assets such as Alation, Dremio Sonar, and Xplore for users to slice and dice, explore, and export the data. We also developed a Machine Learning Development Environment (MLDE) framework to launch a boilerplate for adding new ML web apps under the portal with all the inbuilt features.

Business Impact

Sigmoid’s centralized portal with cataloging helped in maximizing the value and extending the reusability of all the data assets. Collating all the BI reports into a single source of truth made them accessible and discoverable to every department globally. The previously scattered reports and applications were now available at one location, saving significant amount of time for users including data scientists and app developers enabling them to manage their resources in an efficient manner.

Faster time-to-insight

with automatic data suggestions and easy discovery

Access to 30,000+ reports

and individual data assets through a centralized repository access

2x increase

in the portal use with cataloged reports and accurate recommendations

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