Centralized Data Lake for Faster Analytics and Reporting

Automated data ingestion from 30+ diverse sources and enabled 2.5x faster time to insights for the marketing team

Business Challenge

The client is a Fortune 500 food manufacturing firm that was looking to automate data collection, storage and improve data quality for faster and accurate analysis. Their data previously had to be sourced and manually ingested from over 30 different entities and they didn’t have a consistent template to collect data. Their marketing team also wanted user-friendly data visualizations to get a holistic view of advertising spend, help generate faster insights and optimize marketing RoI.

Sigmoid Solution

Sigmoid built tactic-based data models to standardize the input files from different data providers, agencies and channels. The datasets, which came at different intervals of time were then transformed to work with the respective models. The ETL pipelines were set up, pre-processed and transformed using AWS Lambda and Glue, to be then served through Amazon Redshift. Sigmoid built automated pipelines to pull the data via SFTP and UI portals. Tableau dashboards helped provide stakeholders a 360-degree view of the advertising spend by monitoring over 10 tactics.

Business Impact

Sigmoid’s solution ensured that the client’s marketing team could drill-down and get faster, granular insights on campaign performance. The resultant strong data foundation helped create a Single Source of Truth, enabling them to accurately measure effectiveness of the advertising spend with data automatically ingested from 30+ data sources.


Faster data collection and enrichment


Faster turnaround time for insights generation


Tactics monitored with interactive visualizations

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