Cloud optimization led to a 54% reduction in cost for a leading CPG company

Developed an end-to-end Google cloud monitoring solution to optimize infrastructure costs by more than 50%

Business Challenge

A leading CPG company was incurring high billing costs post-migration of the customer, product, and pricing data from Azure to Google cloud platform (GCP). The monthly cost cap had almost doubled leading to aborting a few critical analytics initiatives. To solve the problem, the customer’s DevOps team set up Google cloud billing dashboards but could not achieve visibility in usage and wastage. Moreover, the billing reports were generated on a monthly basis making it difficult to keep a track of any anomaly in billing patterns and predict monthly expenses. They wanted us to analyze the reasons for the cost spike and find ways to control it by implementing best practices in monitoring, guard railing, and optimizing the cloud.

Sigmoid Solution

We exported billing data into BigQuery and created SQL views for visualization on Grafana dashboards. These dashboards showed visibility in the utilization of cloud resources across various GCP services at a granular level. We also created email-based alerts on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to track cloud cost fluctuations and notify the customer in case of anomalies in billing patterns, the variance of change in cost, and the cause of change. We also limited the over-provisioning of resources by applying rightsizing recommendations to limit cost wastage across services such as Databricks and introducing auto-termination of resource utilization.

Business outcome

Sigmoid’s cloud optimization solutions and custom dashboards helped the customer gain visibility of estimated costs for planned projects and alerts for any fluctuations or anomalies in billing patterns.


Reduction in cloud cost

Enabled daily reporting

to track fluctuations in billing patterns

97% improvement

In query performance

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