Data hub on AWS enables near real time tracking of 20+ KPIs to improve sales performance and customer satisfaction

We created a data hub on AWS for field sales, regional sales and marketing leaders across multiple levels of hierarchy and get access to 20+ sales KPIs in near real time.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to get real-time insights on sales, customer satisfaction and promotion performance and enable sales teams to deliver tailored recommendations to retailers. For this, they wanted a data hub that would enable an aggregated bottoms-up (store level) business and AMPPS (Assortment, Merchandising, Pricing, Promotion, Shelf Enhancement) dashboard. However, their legacy hub was built on-prem with data from only 3 retailers leading to high costs and incomplete performance measurement.

Sigmoid Solution

Sigmoid created a single source of truth for the client and worked with migration and re-engineering of the current dashboard along with data models and visualizations moving it from on-prem to a new cloud based solution. Sigmoid helped the migration of data with a low-code no-code framework to enable new data integrations rapidly. The data was extracted from 80+ retailers across the USA and their multiple data sources including Nielson, E2Open, Ensa, and more. After shifting the datasets to the Redshift staging layer, Sigmoid developed pipelines to bring data to the domain layer for scheduling the jobs using complex business logic. We generated reports or KPIs using the data available from the domain layer to store the output in the new cloud system or the datamart layer. This data enabled the creation of multi-page Tableau dashboards catering to different user bases. In addition, Sigmoid integrated customer satisfaction datasets, e-commerce data, display and survey related metrics and harmonized product and customer IDs with internal IDs in the data repository to eliminate data silos.

Business Impact

Enhanced visibility into supply and demand of products across stores for over 100 field sales, account owners and regional heads.


Improvement in Query Performance


Coverage of Retailers in the USA


cost reductions from decommissioning on-prem data centers

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