Data monetization with a scalable and configurable platform for financial institutions unlocks new revenue streams

Sigmoid developed a data mesh architecture on GCP to consolidate data from multiple sources and develop data products which helped our client monetize their data and reduce the time required to commission new customers by 90%.

Business Challenge

The customer is a leading enterprise provider of FinTech services and products to more than 15,000 banks and credit unions worldwide. They leverage vast volumes of first, second, and third party data to enhance operational efficiency, customer experiences, and decision-making. They wanted to build data products that are readily available to their clients and deliver data-driven insights for growth and innovation. A scalable and configurable data platform for their Digital Banking division aimed to aggregate select data sources, including their proprietary data, and provide an efficient platform for modeling and visualization. They required a solution that could onboard new clients quickly and create new line of services and revenue streams.

Sigmoid Solution

Sigmoid implemented a digital banking data platform that combined data engineering, DataOps, and advanced analytics. The innovative framework seamlessly incorporated external data via SFTP or GCS, configuring new pipelines and schedules, and also optimizing data consumption for each Financial Institution (FI).


We established dedicated single-tenant Data Lakes, efficiently managed through terraform templates, and created a secure multi-tenant zone compliant with PCI standards for vendor file processing. Sensitive data like SSNs were encrypted before transmission, ensuring privacy. Sigmoid offered comprehensive support, managing vendors, pipelines, analysis, and warehouses. Our Looker-driven model streamlined onboarding, while code quality and CI/CD governance were maintained meticulously. The solution embraced data modeling, governance, and visualization, empowering diverse dashboarding needs.

Business Impact

The digital banking platform helped our customer effectively monetize their proprietary data, offering it as a valuable service to their clients and creating new revenue streams. The customized dashboards helped them deliver enriched data insights to their clients, empowering them to make data-driven decisions, improve products, services, and optimize customer experiences.


faster new client onboarding


effective data monetization


faster dashboard load time

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