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Manage enterprise data operations with robust DataOps expertise

Dataops Solutions for Enterprise Data Management & Governance

The rapid adoption of technologies like 5G, AI and ML is expanding the global ‘datasphere’ at breakneck speed. Building on the essential capabilities to convert this burgeoning data volume into business value can be a daunting task without a robust DataOps process.

Sigmoid’s DataOps services helps analytics leaders across organizations stay business-ready by seamlessly orchestrating voluminous data efficiently throughout the data lifecycle. The proven DataOps methodology ensures uninterrupted development, seamless integration, testing, deployment, and monitoring of enterprise data operations. With years of expertise in data automation, data governance and data infrastructure optimization, Sigmoid helps companies enhance data pipeline availability, reduce downtime, lower operations costs, and mitigate data risks.

Speed up Data Lifecycle Management

Data analysts often end up spending more time processing data than analyzing the same. As industries realize and explore data management, there is significant growth and improvement in database engines and how they work. However, these databases often lack infrastructural agility due to manual procedures. This is where Sigmoid DataOps services step in by helping companies automate and streamline the data processing pipeline so that analysts can truly focus on value generation and not data preparation.

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Data Governance

We ensure that your data quality is intact through out the end-to-end enterprise data life-cycle

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Action Automation

We handle petabytes of real-time data and and identify opportunities to eradicate manual intervention

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CI CD for Data pipelines

Our engineers integrate code where needed without refactoring leading to productivity improvements

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We excel in data pipeline observability and perform in-depth RCA and CAPA

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24/7 Support

Our engineers are available round the clock for providing continuous support and maximum uptime

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Cross Industry Competence

We bring in best practices from productivity improvements across CPG, BFSI, Manufacturing, Hi-tech, etc.

Success Story

DataOps for 24/7 Monitoring And Highly Available Systems

Watch how Sigmoid developed highly scalable data systems to ensure 99.99% uptime, zero outages and seamless deployment of new applications for a leading cloud service provider.


DataOps whitepaper

Modernizing enterprise data operations with DataOps

Organizations face a host of challenges in streamlining data analytics and creating data pipelines. These may range from challenges due to proprietary choices, cloud, structural, or edge computing-related. This guidebook explains how DataOps is emerging as one of the key dominators in overcoming these constraints by helping enterprises construct data and analytics pipelines effortlessly.

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