Data platform modernization for deeper consumer insights

Data mesh led platform democratized access to survey and reporting data which enabled product innovation and targeted marketing campaigns

Business Challenge

The client is a leading infant nutrition brand with multiple product lines. For over 30 years, they procured vast volumes of product performance data and consumer insights through third-party surveys to understand market dynamics. However, access to this intelligence was restricted due to a makeshift legacy system which underwent numerous upgrades. Such a limitation greatly impacted data analysis and decision making for the executive leadership, consumer insights, and marketing teams.

Sigmoid Solution

Sigmoid created a modern enterprise data platform on Azure to scale it across analytics and other consumption use-cases. The platform brought together data from various third party and external sources into the client’s ecosystem which led to greater control over its usage, observability and access across the enterprise. Data from several feeds from different vendors along with 13,000+ Excel/PDF reports were integrated and harmonized in the data lake over Azure through automated ETL pipelines. Data quality was continuously monitored as the data flowed across different layers of the platform.

Business Impact

Sigmoid’s data platform solution provided the client seamless access to all the reporting data products which augmented analysis and product performance tracking, ensuring overall growth. The Consumer Insights and Analytics team could make use of consumer intelligence and draw actionable insights, leading to better sales and marketing decisions.

96% reduction

in the number of reports post consolidation

Detailed measurement

of customer acquisition and retention across each buyer journey stage

>60% reduction in

reporting costs

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