Data Pipelines

ELT/ETL solutions to collate, build and process large volumes of data

Build Robust and Scalable Data Pipelines

Data silos are a common challenge for companies to develop efficient business strategies. Organizations are looking to extract data from multiple sources, integrate and load them into a data warehouse system to drive better insights. Sigmoid’s ETL & data warehouse solutions enable enterprises with data pipelines to store, process, and manage huge volumes of data from diverse sources at varying speeds. We leverage our expertise in the end-to-end data engineering ecosystem to select or recommend the best of the breed technology stack for building the data pipelines that are robust and significantly reduce the average query processing time, generating faster insights. We have built over 500 data pipelines, including GCP and AWS ETL pipelines for various companies achieving over 60% faster reports and near real-time visibility to customer insights.

Sigmoid Advantage

Selecting the right workflow (ETL vs ELT) and data warehousing solution is extremely critical in your data infrastructure. Sigmoid builds and automates scalable and reliable data pipelines, empowering enterprises with faster access to quality data and insights. Sigmoid provides data teams superior query performance through intelligent processing and data management. The data pipeline solutions are customized to specific business needs and the extracted data is transformed for successful loading into the data warehouse on the cloud.

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Connect disparate data sources and systems working in silos

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Automate data ingestion through pipeline optimization

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Enable Data Migration to cloud at scale, speed & optimal cost

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Deliver faster BI through robust ELT Process

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Democratize data providing access to data consumers beyond IT teams

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Modernize data platforms for various analytical needs

Case Studies

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250TB+ data processed for faster customer analytics & building effective data infrastructure

Trade Surveillance

100MN+ rows of data per day
processed for improved trade

Unified Analytics Platform

Unified interactive analytics and
external reporting for enhanced

How Data Engineering Amplifies Business Value of Advanced Analytics

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The whitepaper discusses how well-defined data engineering processes create a robust foundation for consistently delivering insights at scale and overcome big data challenges such as managing data, creating data pipelines, and more.

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