Data quality management platform for a CPG giant

Sigmoid built an enterprise-grade data quality platform that transformed data governance for the customer and enabled decision-making.

Business Challenge

The client is a multinational consumer goods manufacturing company. Their data pipelines were ingesting and processing vast amounts of data daily, across business functions in North America and Europe. However, inaccurate data resulted in flawed analyses, impacting strategic decision-making. Discrepancies were identified in reporting and insights produced by their ML models. Moreover, the current data quality management platform took approximately 10 hours to address data quality issues.

Sigmoid Solution

Sigmoid deployed a data quality management platform to logically organize the data as well as improve the structure and quality. The platform ensured flexibility and ease of use by providing seamless integration with diverse data sources. It also offered a self-service capability that enabled case-specific data quality checks by empowering business functions to seamlessly request access, manage datasets, and apply predefined data quality rules.

Business Impact

Sigmoid's data quality management platform enabled interactivity by allowing them to selectively view data health reports and make informed decisions. Email alerts and diagnostic reports reduced the time for fixing data quality issues. Seamless integration with existing pipelines ensured adaptability and scalability.

1.5 TB

of data scanned and processed per day


improvement in processing speed of data quality checks


data diagnostic reports generation

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