Global eCommerce insights hub improves demand planning, leading to 5% uplift in channel sales

Sigmoid developed a centralized data insights hub for global eCommerce as a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) for improved reporting and planning. This enabled a control tower that helped the analytics team gain visibility across the eCommerce channels leading to improved planning and sales.

Business Challenge

The client is a global multinational pharmaceutical and healthcare company headquartered in France. Their global eCommerce team to maximize the sales potential of online platforms and gain a competitive advantage. However, data silos, data incompatibility and over-dependence on historic data limited the visibility into planning and reporting, thereby impacting sales over eCommerce platforms.

Sigmoid Solution

Sigmoid created a data hub powered with advanced analytics, data processing and visualization capabilities to leverage eCommerce channel data and maximize sales opportunities. Large volume of data from multiple internal and external sources were harmonized together in real-time. We used Databricks to integrate multiple eCommerce reports, namely sales diagnostics, net PPM, traffic diagnostics, and inventory health, into a storage layer over Snowflake. The smart dashboards with report load time of < 3 seconds enhanced visibility by switching seamlessly between weekly and monthly views. Custom models were designed to streamline intensive analysis and forecasting.

Business Impact

The data hub served as a control tower enabling business teams with the ability to identify patterns and trends in customer behavior and make product sales decisions. The client was able to maximize channel sales, improve margins, and forecast inventory for critical SKUs.

5% sales uplift

in eCommerce business by better planning

2x incremental

marketing ROI on the eCommerce channel with descriptive analytics

70% reduction

in time taken to build dashboards with automated data pipelines

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