Service partnership- Snowflake

Sigmoid and Snowflake support global enterprises in their digital transformation journey and ensure higher levels of productivity across functions

Modernize your data infrastructure using Snowflake’s end-to-end data management solutions

Sigmoid, a Select Service Partner of Snowflake, helps businesses in CPG, BFSI, manufacturing, and life sciences spaces consolidate fragmented data sources, drive secure sharing of governed data, and execute diverse analytic workloads by leveraging Snowflake.

Sigmoid’s imprint on Snowflake

  • Snowflake Data Labs: Dedicated Snowflake practice with 50+ resources trained on Snowflake and Snowflake compatible technologies such as dbt, Dataiku, etc.
  • Competent advisors and consultants: In-house technical and business experts with a collective experience of 50+ years and 500+ unique projects
  • Customer centricity: 97% CSAT score across 10+ F500 Snowflake customers

Snowflake Data Cloud: Comprehensive solutions across the data value chain

Snowflake Data Warehouse

Snowflake’s modern data warehouse checks all the important parameters across governance, security, and performance, providing a highly reliable data foundation for advanced analytics. Sigmoid has leveraged Snowflake’s data warehouse to help global enterprises achieve architectural and infrastructure modernization goals.


Snowpark, an API at its core, enables data application developers to run complex transformations within Snowflake while taking advantage of the built-in unlimited scalability, performance, governance, and security features. Sigmoid uses Snowpark in conjunction with Snowflake data warehouse to provide highly performant data pipelines for some of the world’s leading companies.

Snowpipe and Snowpipe Streaming

Snowpipe allows users to load data from files in micro-batches, providing quick availability for consumption instead of manual execution of scheduled COPY statements for larger batches. Sigmoid leverages Snowpipe in its architectures to ensure data reaches the destination in the shortest possible time resulting in faster time-to-insights.

High impact solutions on Snowflake

Data Architecture on Snowflake

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