Data standardization from 20 ERPs into Snowflake and BI platform development for faster access to 50+ business KPIs

An enterprise-level unified BI platform that enabled near real-time tracking and analysis of 50+ business KPIs across sales, revenue, inventory, margins, and pricing for various levels of management.

Business Challenge

The customer is a large holding company of smaller construction and builder companies which they accomplish through mergers and acquisitions. This business model has led to the maintenance of multiple data sources from 70+ subsidiaries. The current system used by them to process such varied amounts of data had limited reporting capabilities due to its unscalable nature. To solve these challenges, they wanted us to create a centralized data warehouse that provided better visibility on business KPIs and metrics.

Sigmoid Solution

Our solution established a centralized cloud data warehouse that serves as a tool for analyzing business reports. The cloud data warehouse on Snowflake integrated more than 20 ERP and non-standard business databases. The new infrastructure on the cloud is highly scalable and significantly lowers the integration time of newer data sources. Sigmoid created various dashboards, tracking and analyzing 50+ KPIs across sales and inventory data. An essential aspect of Sigmoid’s solutions was the reduction in the time taken to process such a vast amount of data. Tasks that would earlier take weeks to complete were done on a near real-time basis by bringing in data from 2800 tables across multiple ERP sources daily.

Business Impact

The customer was able to create a Single Source of Truth for data analysis throughout the organization. We provided a scalable solution that enables swift integration of data from the newly acquired companies and presented a holistic picture.


reduction in data warehousing costs


reduction in data integration time for new data sources


real-time dashboards with business KPIs

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