Multi-Touch Attribution

Optimize the customer journey across multiple touchpoints at granular levels and increase conversions

Our Expertise in MTA

As consumers interact with brands continuously and on-the-go, near real-time intelligence is crucial for digital marketers. Presenting Sigmoid’s Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) accelerator for marketers looking to measure and improve marketing tactics at a granular level. Our robust MTA models provide faster and more accurate reports, enabling in-flight campaign optimization with less lead time. The fast and scalable MTA accelerator utilizes match-market techniques and works in scenarios with limited data availability, empowering marketers with timely decision-making for optimal return of each marketing dollar.

Salient Features of Sigmoid’s MTA Accelerator

Sigmoid Mta Accurate Mta

Accurate MTA model even without audience data

Sigmoid Mta Easily Scale

Easily scale to other brands and markets

Sigmoid Mta Experimental Design

Use of quasi-experimental design

Sigmoid Mta Faster Roi Measurement

Precise and faster ROI measurement

Sigmoid Mta Marketing Activities

Factors coinciding marketing activities

Our Marketing Attribution Framework

Sigmoid’s MTA accelerator shortens the time for course corrections on your campaigns by answering questions like:

Which marketing actions to invest in for maximum ROI?

Which touchpoints are contributing how much in the final sales?

Which touchpoints to focus on within the channel?

Sigmoid Solutions Mta Marketing Attribution Framework

Success Story

Sigmoid Retail Customer Analytics Data Warehousing

11% improved ROMI

Enhanced marketing effectiveness by building Multi-Touch Attribution and Marketing Mix Models on Azure, using rule mining algorithms, predictive ML algorithms built in PySpark, Jupyter and Python

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Campaign Performance Dashboards

Our robust and timely dashboards provide in-depth analytics on your marketing spends at a product, campaign, digital channel, website, tactic and creative level. With proven in-house data engineering practices that drive the analytics platform, Sigmoid’s Multi-touch Attribution Solutions can scale to match the speed of expanding needs of today’s global brand marketers.

Sigmoid Solutions Mta Dashboard2
Sigmoid Solutions Mta Dashboard1

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