Omnichannel marketing data hub optimized campaign execution resulting in a 5% uplift in lead conversion

Sigmoid built a centralized marketing data platform on Azure with automated data pipelines to optimize marketing campaigns’ ROI for a leading medical technology company.

Business Challenge

The customer invests heavily in promoting their products on various marketing channels, with a strong focus on social media platforms. To ensure a positive ROI, it is crucial for them to identify the channels with the highest engagement. They wanted to establish a strong data foundation that can support, analyze and help optimize various use cases of omnichannel marketing, such as email and social media marketing. However, they lacked the necessary skills and technology required to effectively manage the vast data flow generated from 12 data sources such as Marketo, GA, LinkedIn, Salesforce, etc., and transmitted through 500 pipelines. Furthermore, their reliance on manual data collation processe led to partial fulfillment of data sets, which is also prone to errors.

Sigmoid Solution

Sigmoid built a strong data foundation by following a medallion architecture to optimize omnichannel marketing strategies. We used Azure Data Factory (ADF) for data integration, enabling us to ingest, transform and load data from various sources into a storage layer for consumption. After ingestion, the data underwent cleansing, wrangling, and preparation. The prepared data was stored in the gold layer, which served as a trusted source of data for the reporting layer. The data sources including Marketo, Showpad, Google Analytics, and Brightcove were ingested using respective APIs. We also implemented a data mesh architecture that provided improved data governance, pushed for data-as-a-product, and facilitated domain-driven ownership. The solution also accelerated onboarding of new use cases, leading to faster time-to-market.

Business Impact

The solution enabled the client to optimize their spending on marketing channels by tracking the performance of their campaigns on various marketing channels. The data foundation for use cases of omnichannel marketing provided them with a solid base for marketing analytics, making it easier to track the performance of their products and respond to changing market conditions.


increase in funnel conversion


data pipelines automated


integration of new datasets

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