Supply Chain Analytics

Enhancing supply chain operation and inventory management

Build a Resilient Supply Chain and Improve Planning Accuracy

One of the cardinal prerequisites for an efficient supply chain management process is to have real-time information & intelligence. It allows business operations with better risk understanding and the flexibility to scale up operations to ensure higher order fulfillment through supply chain forecasting. Sigmoid’s supply chain analytics allows planning teams to navigate blind spots and accurately predict the demand in advance at different time intervals by accounting for the various influences that have a direct bearing on product demand.

The Sigmoid Advantage

Our supply chain analytics offering can help enterprises set up predictive and prescriptive analytics decision-making platforms such as a Supply Chain Control Tower, that enables a real-time, integrated, and omniscient supply chain through end-to-end visibility.

Demand Planning and Forecasting

Demand Planning Intelligence

Optimize demand planning and improve supply chain forecasting with demand to drive profitability and customer satisfaction by ensuring timely delivery and making proactive decisions.

Risk Assessment

Identify, assess and mitigate risks in end-to-end supply chain by enabling strong risk assessment and management. Evaluate unforeseen supply chain vulnerabilities and understand potential risk disruptions preventing loss.

Seamless Inventory Optimization

Inventory Planning and Management

Ensure order management, stock control, accounting and customer management with inventory planning and management to enhance supply chain efficiency.

Stock Analytics

Avoid stockouts, reduce late shipments, optimize deployment of resources and be prepared for changing customer preferences with stock analytics.

Real-Time Monitoring

Supply Chain Visibility

Get better visibility and near real-time insights through centralized control tower into complex supply chains to spot weaknesses such as inventory shortage and fix them to increase customer satisfaction and increase profits.

Operations Diagnostics

Improve supply chain planning with in-depth and accurate operations diagnostics to generate comprehensive and actionable plan to increase efficiency and performance.

Logistics Route Optimization

Network Design and Analytics

Re-evaluate network design for exact business needs by better understanding cost and time associated with bringing goods to market.

Fleet Management and Analytics

Ensure last-mile delivery by evaluating your existing fleet operations by analyzing data from sensors and operate a high performance transportation network.

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Timely and accurate demand forecasting at scale

Case Studies

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70% better accuracy for demand forecasting

Production-ready system by building and integrating scalable ML models

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