Gaming Analytics

The gaming industry is booming with millions of daily active users billions of data. Big data analytics in the gaming sector has become the new norm to generate real-time insights to add new users and retain existing users.

Sigmoid’s gaming analytics solutions help companies power faster gaming insights across players, sessions, and games to create strategies that drive customer engagement, leverages top-level metrics such as new sign-ups, DAU, CLV, and maximize ROI. Using machine learning in gaming we generate personalized recommendation systems to optimize targeted campaigns and increase mobile game monetization.

Our Gaming Analytics Solution enable Companies to:

Analyze game telemetry & create robust data infrastructures
Optimize performance by productionizing ML models
Deliver superior gaming solutions on the cloud
Identify & prevent gameplay issues with faster insights

Providing End-to-End Data Solutions at each stage of the Gaming Value Chain

Game Cohort AnalysisGame Design and DevelopmentSession ManagementCustomer Analytics
Time Series Data AnalysisUnique In-Game ElementsTroubleshooting Gameplay Issues
Performance MonitoringReal-Time AnalysisUser AcquisitionChurn Reduction
360° Customer ViewGame MonetizationRevenue Optimization
Customized In-Game ElementsGameplay RewardsPersonalized OffersTargeted Advertising
Fraud DetectionCombat In-Game AbuseSecure In-Game Payments

Our Expertise

Customer Analytics

Define accurate segments & analyze gamer journeys to identify trends, perceptions and preferences to judge likely conversions

Real-Time Analysis

Empower game production decisions by processing TBs of data at speed, across all your game titles to deliver real-time insights

Recommendation Systems

Propose feature upgrades & new game titles to users on the basis of past digital interactions and improve subsequent interactions

Churn Reduction

Identify gameplay issues and bottlenecks by analyzing different data points to understand and reduce player churn

Game Monetization

Uncover deep insights around campaigns to improve effectiveness and maximize monetization across player segments

360° Customer View

Enrich gamer profiles by collecting and analyzing minute aspects and digital touchpoints at every stage of the customer journey

Productionize ML Models

Deliver superior gaming experience with scalable data infrastructures by productionizing ML models and automating processes

Personalized Game Offers

Classify user segments using self-learning ML models and send personalized offers to your gamers via email or mobile app

Cloud Migration

Migrate to a high-performing cloud infrastructure to reduce operating cost, drive performance & transform game delivery model

Success Story

Creation of a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) Creation

Created a SSOT which enabled faster analysis on 250+ TB data, greater business insights and increased ROMI