How is ELT different from ETL image

How is ELT different from ETL?

sigmoid infographic data lake data warehouse image

Data lake vs Data warehouse

Infographic marketing optimization new normal image

Marketing Optimization in the
New Normal

Key Highlights from the Webinar

In-flight campaign optimisation using MTA

5 key takeaways from the webinar

Productionizing ML models at scale

5 key takeaways from the webinar

infographics aws cost optimization

Reduce AWS costs of high volume ETL pipeline by up to 65%

Key takeaways from the webinar

Price Analytics

Explaining the what, why and how of effective data-driven pricing strategies

Consulting Workshop

Presenting our unique proposition- the bedrock of successful data analytics projects

Personalized Recommendations

Implementing personalization for happier customers in the retail and CPG ecosystems

Trade Surveillance Analytics

Handling regulatory compliance and the resulting impact of improved trade surveillance

Data Solutions for Restaurants

Showcasing data science and data engineering experience across the restaurant value chain

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ETL Tools

Presenting 7 ETL tools for 2021