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Sales and Marketing Report
Thought Leadership
The annual sales and marketing report takes a fresh look at the innovative ways the CPG industry is connecting with consumers.
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90% Improvement In ML Model Run Time Using MLOps
Success Story
Check how this CPG brand was able to improve model
performance, increase scalability and reduce cost of
deployment using Sigmoid's MLOps solution.
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ecommerce campaign
Marketing Spend Optimization for a CPG Brand on a Leading
E-commerce Platform
Success Story
Sigmoid created an automated solution for recommendations and campaign strategy optimization to improve ROAS by 25%
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Marketing Analytics

A Guide to Effective Marketing Analytics


Read the whitepaper to maximize marketing ROI with data-driven Insights

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Data Analytics Offerings

We build, operate and manage the largest data platforms in the world. We work with business and technology leadership to align the data strategy with short and long term business goals, committing to the digital transformation journey. Our real-time data analytics and data engineering services deliver value to companies across various sectors by enabling real-time data processing and analysis.

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Data Engineering

Enabling data teams to deliver business value by building large scale data products using industry-shaping best practices

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Data Science

Discovering trends and patterns from data to deliver insights for business challenges across
industry sectors

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Thought Leadership

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Podcast: Data Modernization for CPGs with Sigmoid and Mondelēz | The CPG Guys

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Sigmoid helps build data and analytics competency for digital transformation success

Towards Better Data Engineering: Mostly People, But Also Process and Technology

Solving Diverse Use Cases across Industries

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  • Data Lake Creation
  • Marketing Measurement
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Productionize and Scale ML Models
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Banking And Financial Services

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Our Technology Partners

We are proud partners to leading cloud service providers to solve some of the most complex AI/ML problems.

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