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Data foundation on the cloud for performance enhancement

Sigmoid’s cloud transformation services accelerate and modernize data foundations by implementing, migrating, and optimizing cloud performance. We offer one-stop solution to implement advanced data warehouse platform, modernize cloud data warehouse, migrate data, and build robust data pipelines. We enable organizations to build robust cloud data pipelines at up to 40% lower costs than on-premise data warehouses. This helps businesses increase performance, scalability, and security with high uptime and secure, seamless access to quality data.


A guide to cloud data warehousing

Find out how enterprises can reap multiple benefits from cloud data warehouse, transform to a cloud-first data strategy and drive successful analytics initiatives.

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Strengthen analytics infrastructure with cloud data warehouse services

Warehouse Modernization

Build a cloud data warehouse to enable faster, flexible and self-service BI reporting.

Cloud Data Migration

Migrate all data seamlessly from legacy on-premise systems or one cloud platform to another.

Data Monetization Strategies

Develop robust solutions on data lakehouse to solve diverse use cases enabling data monetization.

Technology Consulting

Evaluate various cloud and open-source technologies through benchmarking and consulting.

Our cloud transformation framework

Sigmoid’s framework enables organizations to assess cloud maturity, design robust adoption strategy, migrate from on-premise to cloud as well as optimize costs and resources in the long run.

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Our other offerings in data engineering

Data Pipelines

Build robust automated pipelines to streamline huge volumes of data and optimize query performance to generate faster insights.

ML Engineering

Strengthen ML model lifecycle management and accelerate the time to business value for AI projects with robust ML engineering services.


Managed services to help automate end-to-end enterprise data infrastructures for agility, high availability, better monitoring, and support.

Insights and perspectives


Cloud data warehouse is the future of data storage


Checklist to evaluate a data strategy on the cloud


Amplifying business value with cloud data warehouse

Lower your cloud costs by up to 65%!

Be it defining a cloud roadmap, migration, or increasing productivity, let Sigmoid be your go-to partner for cloud transformation.