Interactive Analytics at Speed of Thought
Interactive Analytics at Speed of Thought
Interactive Analytics at Speed of Thought
Real Time Ingestion
Ingest data in real time from any data source in any format to a fully-managed interactive analytics platform.
  • Clickstream / Web Data
  • Marketing Automation & CRMs
  • SEM & Display Advertising
  • Payment Systems
  • External Databases and Offline Sources
Instant Analysis
Get actionable insights on business critical questions in real time by interactively analyzing your data.
  • Petabyte Scale
  • No Cubing or Pre-aggregations
  • Custom Metric Calculation
  • Add Dimensions on the Fly
  • Speed of Thought Analysis
Free Flow Exploration
You can share custom dashboards and interactive reports, both internally and externally, to get actionable insights.
  • White Label Interactive Analytics
  • Real-Time Advanced Alerting
  • User Permission Controls
  • Advanced Funnel Reporting
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No pre-aggregations
Free-flow n-dimensional drill downs
SEM & Access to raw granular data
Query performance < 5secs
Technology Features
Analytical Features
Multi-Source joins
Metric Filtering
Custom Metrics
Look-up tables support
Time series comparison
Ad-hoc drill downs
Regex search
Analytics Features
Workspaces to save filtered views
Scheduled reports
Export to excel, google sheets
Complex Alerts
Easy URL sharing & Collaboration
Usability Analytics
Multi-metric trend analysis
Comprehensive root cause analysis
Nested drill downs
Real-time alerting
Anomaly Detection
Insights Analytics
Multiple charting options
Custom multi-axis chart
Funnel Charts
Visualizations Analytics
Role based logins
Restrict access to data, metrics and dimensions
Role Management
Power Users
Admin Analytics
White labeled solution
Data access & Charting APIs
Single-sign on (SSO)
Iframing and Embeddability
Access Analytics
Simple integration
Delayed attribution
Single-sign on (SSO)
Multiple file formats
Ingestion Analytics