Data Connectors for CPG

Effortlessly ingest and harmonize data from disparate sources for quick insights

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Build a strong foundation for data Ingestion with Data Connectors

The massive influx of data scattered across disparate sources makes it challenging for enterprise leaders to make informed decisions. Sigmoid's data connectors are designed to seamlessly ingest, integrate, and harmonize data across multiple sources to create secure and reliable data pipelines. This helps enterprises generate holistic insights over easy-to-read dashboards to make efficient strategies and informed decisions.

Data challenges in the CPG industry

  • Manual data ingestion
  • Data harmonization
  • Collecting from multiple sources
  • Complexity in data sources
  • Real-time data ingestion
  • Parallel processing

A single source of truth for intelligent decision-making

Data connectors help combine various data sources into one integrated space by breaking data silos, enabling better communication, and generating quality insights to make informed decisions.

Sigmoid’s Data Connectors allows senior management to explore new insights and generate analytics on various initiatives at a granular level. The in-bound connectors allow CPG leaders to automatically ingest and consolidate retailers, distributors, and e-commerce data to build large secure data pipelines and feed them into easy-to-read dashboards. On the other hand, outbound connectors ensure that the data flows automatically into the preferred BI tools or cloud-based software for easy visualizations.

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Get real-time data anywhere, anytime

holistic overview from various data sources

Draw a holistic overview from various data sources

easy-to-read interactive dashboards

Create easy-to-read interactive dashboards

Data Connectors for CPG

Delivering business value across the value chain

Marketing Analytics icon

Marketing Analytics

Get real-time and granular insights into target customers to deliver personalized messaging and optimize budgets to increase returns on investment.

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Supply Chain Analytics

Track real-time insights to detect voids, evaluate trade spend, and stay true to demand and supply ensuring your product always stays in stock.

  • Track real-time data for demand sensing
  • Streamline new product launches
  • Monitor product and cash flow
  • Gain inventory visibility across channel partners
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Sales Analytics

Integrate and automate sales data to enable near real-time insights into sales trends, deliver successful campaigns and spot new opportunities.

  • Harmonize retailers’ data into a single dashboard
  • Automate data ingestion
  • Access sales pipeline across geos
  • View sales data from different Ecommerce platforms

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A plug-n-play real-time data analytics tool to analyze petabytes of data within seconds, optimize advertising campaigns, and generate revenue opportunities with real-time insights.

Automate data ingestion from 30+ sources!

Build a strong data foundation and a single source of truth that drives decision intelligence.

Seamlessly connect and integrate data for actionable insights!

Empower your CPG enterprise with robust data connectors to create a single source of truth for enhanced decision-making.