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Boost ROMI with in-flight campaign optimization

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Gain real-time insights to accelerate your marketing ROI and increase sales

As customers engage with brands over multiple channels and at different touchpoints, the timeliness and accuracy of marketing insights become crucial for digital marketers. Sigmoid's fast and scalable Multi-Touch Attribution accelerator empowers marketers with near real-time intelligence and insights into consumers' digital behavior. Our customized interactive dashboard helps marketers monitor performance at a granular level, helping them strategize better to enhance brand perception and deliver incremental sales lift with optimal ROMI.

Multi-Touch Attribution Model for campaign optimization

Accurate Models

Develop robust MTA models without audience data.

Scalable Design

Scale easily to other brands and markets.

Quasi-experimental Design

Leverage research design to suit specific business needs.

Precise ROI Measurement

Measure ROI faster and with higher precision.

Our Multi-Touch Attribution accelerator shortens the time for course corrections on campaigns by answering questions like:

  • Which marketing actions do I invest in for maximum ROI?
  • Which touchpoints contribute to sales and by how much?
  • Which touchpoints do I focus on within the channel?

Multi-touch attribution with Reckitt’s Taj Peeran and Sigmoid’s Rahul Kumar

The CPG Guys interview Taj Peeran (VP Marketing of Digital, eCommerce and Brand Engagement at Reckitt) and Rahul Kumar Singh (Co-Founder and Chief Analytics Officer at Sigmoid), to discuss marketing attribution, hyper-personalization, CLTV and the role of AI in creating business value for the CPG industry.

Why CPG marketers choose Sigmoid?


  • Increase flexibility, transparency, and customization with in-house solution
  • Works with limited data availability
  • Suitable for both online and offline campaigns


  • Generate fast, timely and accurate reports on a weekly basis
  • Faster dashboard refresh rates
  • Enables in-flight campaign optimization to improve ROMI


  • Accurately measure and improve marketing tactics
  • Make campaign changes mid-flight
  • Continuous campaign measurement at granular levels

Customer success story

Campaign performance dashboards for marketing analytics

Our robust and timely dashboards provide in-depth analytics on your marketing spends at a product, campaign, digital channel, website, tactic and creative level.

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