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One-stop analytics solution for all your advertising data

Get access to granular data in real-time for effortless slice & dice on billions of rows, in seconds!

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Sigview Logo 1

One-stop analytics solution for all your advertising data

Get access to granular data in real-time for effortless slice & dice on billions of rows, in seconds!

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What is Sigview?

Sigview is a plug-n-play real-time data analytics tool from Sigmoid. Custom built on Apache Spark, Sigview is capable of drilling down into massive data sets within a few seconds. Used by around 30k users across globe to analyze billions of ad impressions. It is designed to give real-time access to your Programmatic and non-programmatic data by analyzing enormous data sets. This translates to enhanced business intelligence and revenue driven insights.

Whether it is optimising your ad campaigns or discovering new inventory or generating revenue opportunities with changing times, Sigview is your go to platform for all your reporting needs.

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Sigmoid Home Mobile View Testimonial Paul Ryan

We strive to deliver only the best for all our users and Sigmoid’s solution helps us continue to deliver best in class insights and service without compromising on speed or user experience.

Paul Ryan
Chief Technology Officer, OpenX
Sigmoid Home Mobile View Testimonial Itay Riemer

Since integrating Sigmoid’s real-time platform, we have better visibility into high-volume data sets and have been able to translate these insights into new business opportunities.

Itay Riemer
VP, Programmatic and Data, Brand Solutions at ironSource
Sigmoid Home Mobile View Testimonial William Bill

Our experience with Sigmoid has been phenomenal; it’s been great. I’d love to say it’s because of the people and technology. We’re very pleased with our decision to go with Sigmoid.

William A. “Bill” Lederer
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, MediaTrader, an MRP Advisers LLC Business
Sigmoid Saurabh Bhatia

It made sense for us to adopt Sigmoid’s robust analytics platform, that provides global support and can manage huge volumes of data in real-time.

Saurabh Bhatia
CEO, Chocolate
Sigmoid Sigview Realtime Ingestion

Real-Time Ingestion

Connects to multiple data sources like DFP, Pixel Servers, Audience and viewability partners to ingest data in any format and location maintaining data latency of less than 15 minutes

Sigmoid Sigview Connect Data Warehouse

Connect any Data Warehouse

Sigview can connect to any data warehouses and power up a dashboard for you – Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake and many more

Sigmoid Sigview Bi Analytics

BI and Analytics

We enable business users with an easy to use interactive analytics dashboard for querying the data to solve complex use cases without having to rely on analysts and BI experts

Sigmoid Sigview Fully Managed

Fully Managed

We offer a fully managed service with guaranteed SLAs and 24×7 support. So you do not have to invest your time and money on maintaining an analytics infrastructure.

Typical Use Cases

Sigmoid Sigview Maximize Yeild Fill

Maximize Yield and Fill

Improve inventory by analyzing bid behaviour across apps, sites, formats, devices and user attributes and empower sales teams to identify upsell opportunities. Advise your clients on the costs and benefits of individual price floors, advertiser blocks, and category blocks.

Sigmoid Sigview Discover Predict Inventory

Discover and Predict Inventory

Streamline inventory discovery through drill-downs, making it easy to identify issues and take actions. Sigview helps you understand your inventory accurately and plan for the future.

Sigmoid Sigview Troubleshoot Realtime

Troubleshoot in Real-Time

Identify integration issues with inventory partners, auction errors, timeouts or broken tags before they affect your performance and cost money. Gain trust of your customers by preventing revenue leakage and business critical escalations by quickly spotting issues.

Sigmoid Sigview Optimise Campaigns

Optimise Campaigns

Empower your campaign teams to improve win rates by identifying what’s working, what isn’t, and what needs to be done in real-time. Sigview lets you monitor buys, identify high or low-performing inventory and adjust bids/spends in real-time to optimize performance.

Sigmoid Sigview Transparency


Streamline your sales, operations and planning with a unified reporting system so that everyone in your organization is always on the same page. Strengthen trust with your customer by sharing a granular view of their live campaign or inventory performance.

Sigmoid Sigview Prebid Analytics

Prebid Analytics

Enable sell side platforms to run analytics on all pre-bid data with real time visibility to all prebid auctions across bidders to monitor performance metrics like revenue, latency and time-out by bidders. Drill down billions of rows in seconds by inventory, uncover integration challenges, and gain insights into increasing your revenues.

How it works?

Sigview Sigmoid

Why choose Sigview?

Sigmoid Sigview Scale


  • Real-time data ingestion of more than 150 Billion rows maintaining less than 15 minute latency
  • The system auto scales your infrastructure based on usage at set boundaries
  • No limits on number of users
Sigmoid Sigview Speed


  • Get query performance on petabytes of data in less than 5 seconds
  • Support Concurrency of more than 100
Sigmoid Sigview Intelligence


  • Go to market 4x faster, with our unique architecture
  • Save on your infrastructure with 30% reduction in TCO

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Success Stories

Sigmoid Sigview Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting

Delivered a production-grade free flow analytics solution for improved audience targeting
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Unified Analytics Platform

Delivered a unified analytics platform to ingest and query data from different sources with the ability to schedule reports and set up alerts
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Sigview Customer Sigmoid
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Sundeep Kumar
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Sigmoid Sundeep
Sundeep Kumar
VP Client Solutions