11% improvement in marketing ROI using MTA

Built a system for measuring marketing effectiveness and increasing marketing ROI by modifying campaigns

Business Challenges

The client is a multinational consumer goods company and wanted to analyze the performance of their online marketing campaigns and maximize ROI generated from it. One of the challenges was that the existing target audience segments were defined by third party providers and there was a time-lapse of over 6 months to get the MTA and MMX reports from them. Also, there was no guided framework for modifying campaigns mid-flight.

Sigmoid Solution

Sigmoid developed a self-adapting ML model by building a control system based evaluation framework to assess the impact of change in marketing activity on sales. The scalable and weekly auto-calibrated marketing measurement ML model was based on Multi-Touch Attribution, that analyzed each marketing touchpoint and assessed its impact on conversion. Sigmoid’s MTA model also helped in efficient channel mix and marketing spend allocation, resulting in maximizing marketing ROI and cost savings.

Business Impact

Delivered 11% improvement on planned campaigns and 6x faster campaign evaluation timelines using our robust system for measuring marketing effectiveness. We could also modify campaigns mid-flight by working on over 100 TB impression-consumer level data.

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